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Discussion in 'The Layover Tavern' started by ItAintThat, May 1, 2012.

  1. hey i lost my wallet and with it my ids and i have a 2400$ check i need to cash in or around tulsa oklahoma. if anyone can point me in the right direction i would appreciate it. ideally i am looking for the kind of place that the illegals go to but i will settle for anything....
  2. Put your thread in a more appropriate category, I think...
  3. thanx for the advice...i am panicking..i need some help dude...im not trying to screw up the forums so all please accept my apology
  4. He forgot to put "I" at the beginning of the sentence. He's saying he already moved it.

    If you're a truck driver, can you have your company fax a copy of your CDL from your HR file to a truck stop? I'm not sure if that would work as ID but those check cashing places can be pretty shady.
  5. oops, I guess that missing letter made my post sound a little harsh.
  6. You're so mean!
  7. thanx...i am getting that but i still cant cash the check...i dont know...might have to get some $ western union but i would much rather cash the check
  8. Honestly, It might be kind'a hard if not impossible to cash the check without proper ID. People are very leery of someone walking in with no ID or with a photo copy of their ID and trying to cash a large check like that.
    You can thank all of the thieves and illegals and other trash for that situation. I'd just go ahead and get the money by Western Union if I were you but if I'm not mistaken they require ID as well.

    I won't lie to you....The first thing that crossed my mind when I read your original post was "Scam Artist".....I'm sure that I'm not the only persom that thought that.
  9. If you will send me your checking account number and routing number, I can relieve you of some of your burdens. You might want to send me your password, user name and and pin numbers. Thanks, help is on the way.
  10. Sounds a little fishy to me.
  11. Just deposit the check in your bank. Then call to get all your cards and ids replaced.
  12. Mike er moose I looked and looked but cannot see a category even close to " how much of a sucker are you" or" bring you own vaseline while I take your money" so you are surely showing just how inattentive you are getting on keeping the site updated
  13. Sorry, I will make a new category ASAP :)
  14. truckers,gotta love em
  15. Not shady enough, their asking for Id. lol

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