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Discussion in 'Swift Transportation' started by hootowlserenade, Aug 7, 2012.

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    Update version 3.0:

    I have paid off my old contract! All $4,224.68 of it! They took the abandoned load off too! I have my receipt printed out ready to present to Swift if they have any issues with my DAC. Now I can focus on getting ready for orientation on Tuesday. I can't wait to get back in the saddle again, and with a company that's loads better than CRST.

    Thanks everyone for your positive feedback and I can't wait to start my own 20 thread.

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    View attachment 17431 Congratulations!
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    I got a call about 4 hours after I paid my contract off from someone at CRST trying to get me to go back! I told them I am finished with them and they can go @#&% themselves!

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    That's awesome. Congrats. I am going to be driving out of Oklahoma city. Taking my CDL test tomorrow then i can put Phoenix in my rear view mirror and head back home lol
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    I F'ing love that message. I'll have to remember that lol
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    Glad I could make your day.
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    Swift is always being sued over something. Being sued doesn't mean s***. It's losing the lawsuit that matters.

    The debacle at the Millington, TN school was settled a few years ago. All attempts were made to contact affected drivers and make it right. Those who didn't "get the memo" were either deliberately being obtuse and ignoring mail from Swift, or had their heads so far in the sand they were about ready to see Australia. Some of them are now, years later, trying to blame Swift for all their worldly woes and collect a paycheck they are not entitled to.

    The whole thing surrounded illegals presenting forged documentation to the school admins and acquiring CDLs through an entity that, while partnered with the state, was not a state office. Paperwork was accepted at face value and some folks got CDLs who were not authorized, by immigration status, to have them. Millington office ladies are not document examiners. They couldn't tell some of the papers were forged. That's what got Millington into hot water.

    The licensing and training is done in such a way now, that if you do not live in Tennessee, you must arrive with CDL permit in hand. When training at the academy is finished, students are returned to their home states to do their road training and test for their CDLs.

    So, yes. The mess has been dealt with in a decisive and permanent manner. Now, it's on the states to determine a candidate's eligibility to have a CDL.
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    Thanks for the info, I learned alot that was never mentioned "conveniently" in the media. This gave me a different outlook on the whole picture

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