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Discussion in 'Introduce Yourself' started by loke, Jul 11, 2012.

  1. Hello everybody. I'm from Michigan. Been a company driver for twelve years. Looking forward to reading posts and talking with everyone.
  2. Welcome to the forum.
  3. Welcome to Truckers Forum Loke.
  4. Hiya and welcome!

    What kinda gig ya got? We'll drag it outta ya sooner or later so...

    spill it now!

    or not.

    Your call.

  5. Welcome!
  6. Welcome to the forum
  7. Thanks everybody.

    I just signed a lease on the ATS Van division and will be running the Midwest region. I wanted to sign on to run flatbed/specialized, but since I've been running the Midwest region for the last nine years they wanted me to start out here first then transfer after a year.
  8. :hiya: :welcome:
  9. I have talked to plenty of Van Division drivers at ATS. Their pay always seemed to be appalingly low. My best advise, is to do your year and transfer to the flat side. I did really well over there.
  10. Yea I've heard the same. I wanted to go flatbed, but I needed recent OTR experience, which I did not have.
  11. Hiya Loke welcome aboard
  12. Lady how did you do this?
  13. Tried to send you a private message but it said your answering machine was full
  14. I don't know why that's happening - any ideas?? Anyone??

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