Let's Rant About Slow Trucks

Discussion in 'General Trucking Discussion' started by DubbleD, Jul 9, 2012.

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    And ALOT of PRIME drivers are NOT green as you put it. Furthermore, it isn't how fast the truck will run that causes accidents, and it isn't because it was a rookie driver. By the way, at one time, YOU too were a rookie driver. It's about the driver, and common sense. There are some really STUPID drivers out there, and some of them shouldn't be behind the wheel of a big truck, but I take offense to you putting all Prime drivers in the doesn't know how to driver catagory, needs a slow truck etc. I can, and have driven my truck at 80 mph and I am a safe driver, 12 years and not 1 accident thank you.
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    Yeah, like all the "fast" driveres that run up to a "slow" and slam on their brakes. Then get on their CB's and proceed to tell the "slow" driver how he should drive. Pay attention "fast" driver and you wouldn't have this problem!
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    Who said 129mph is max?


    Please explain how this will happen.
    When I started driving nonunion drivers were getting around 15~18 cents per mile or 18% for the percentage. Mileage pay has little more than double in 30 years.
    Rules will never ease up. In order for the likes of the DOT and FMCSA to keep there funding from been cut they have to keep reinventing new ways to show that there on top of safety.
    Once they claim the highways and the trucking industry is as safe as its ever going to get theres no reason to ever raise there funding level.
    Ask your self this, why would the FMCSA ask Congress for funding for EOBR's when carriers will have to foot the bill to buy the damn things to go in there trucks?

    Not really. Its more like years of drivers setting on the ass's letting the Feds do as they please and having the bulk of the industry roll over and take it.
    The Government works as a knee jerk action. For years they let the Bus transportation industry do as they please until the last 3 years. Why is that? Because they for the most part didnt have any headline making bus crashes until the last couple years, now the DOT and FMCSA are all over them.
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    The biggest problem with the "fast" steeringwheel holder drivers are they see as far as the end of the hood on there truck. Once the slow truck is 3 feet in front of there hood they *****. A good driver can tell a slower truck is a mile away because of the closure rate and start planing there pass then, not 50 feet off the slow trucks ass.
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    That is the limit preprogramed into the Cat. ECM, as far as I know, anyway, that is what my Bully Dog reads on the ECM. That is not to say that some programer can't change it.
  6. terrylamar

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    Yes, this is what I am saying.
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    That's pretty limiting.......
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    You would be suprized at what I know.
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    Probably not....
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    You're welcome!

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