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    Well that's just not nice. Funny...but not nice. I'm a Landstar agent as well and LOVE working with Landstar and our BCO's. You'll occasionally find a jerk, but for the most part our BCO's are top notch and I thoroughly enjoy working with them.
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    I said that due to the promotion of himself as being an agent.

    Being an agent is fine, but just understand that using this forum for business purposes is not. We may have an area set up in the near future set up for this purpose, but not at this time.
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    By the way, I figured you were just kidding. I truly thought it was funny. ;)
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    Landstar agent

    BCO's are treated like Kings? We recently quit (Jan 2012) Landstar after 5 years of service to them as BCO's. The majority of agents were respectful to us in the last year we had have had interactions with agents that were flat out rude, lied to us reguarding rates & destinations amongst other things, they did nothing to support the BCO's. We have seen rates drop substantially. About the only people making money at landstar are the office personal, agents and the BCO's who are related to or operate trucks owned by agents. The dynamics of Landstar had substantially changed over the last two years anymore success at Landstar comes from the buddy system.
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    I haven't heard much of anything good about Landstar in the last few years...They steal all of the profit out of the loads that they broker and then tell you that they don't see how another broker could have the same load available for more money to the truck.

    Yeras ago Landstar was a pretty good company...Not anymore.
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    I am a Landstar Agent and I have been an agent for other companies before comming to Landstar. I can say that the whole company is built around the BCO (Business Capacity Owner) fancey namje for Owner Opp, and the agents like me. It is by far hands down in my opinion the very best at what they do which is cater to the agents. From what I know about the BCO drivers is they never seem to lack for freight as with over 1200 agent offices there is always freight then you have the capability to take what ever freight you wish from a customer direct or another broker. Saftey is number oneat Landstar so if you have any problems on your licence then you may not qualify. They are extremly strict about it not only for our BCO's, but all Broker carriers too. I can say for sure that I have found home in a company and don't see myself leaving Landstar.
    I hope that helps.
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    The majority of the loads posted are pathetic rates and I know of several agents who repost other agents loads and loads from other brokers. Landstar needs to put a stop to this and to the agents treating bco's like utter crap. We depend on them to move our freight. They should be treated with respect and treated fairly like your customer.
  8. boone315

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    Just got word that my company will no longer book any Landstar loads, not that we hauled any of their cheap stuff anyway. Not sure what the story is but sure it involves politics.
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    What company are you with Boone?
  10. boone315

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    Its hard to believe as big and old as Mawson that they would need to use Landstar anyway.
  12. boone315

    boone315 SPACE TRUCKING

    Old yes, big, no. we have less then 200. Once we get west of TX, we have no agents so we broker o
    ur freight.
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    Yes, I have to agree with you on that. I was with Landstar a cumulative total of 20 years, and the last 2 years things have gotten really cheap. Cheap enough to the point that for a solo owner-operator, your net pay is not more than what a Wal-Mart job would pay. Too much brokering and re-brokering of freight which, by the time it gets to the owner-operator there is very little left. You might be able to succeed with them if you want to put yourself into the category of "rolling homeless", but I refuse to do that. Toward the first of April, 2012, the rates just went down again, from Chicago area down to Laredo, TX. The rates out of Laredo are cheap anyway, so if you can't make a good rate going down you are really shafted. At 63, I decided to take early retirement because I didn't feel there was enough net pay to make it worthwhile.
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    I'm leased to landstar, All the agents I've pulled for have been great, no problem there. The Company is the problem. Most of the office people treat you like your a IDIOT. They have some serious problems there. I've spent hours on the phone and go thru many people to try and get a answer to something. Their great saying of run when you want and where you want is a pipe dream. You better look at the rates per mile, ( which includes the fuel surcharge ) Then deduct 35% of line haul . It's not good. The BAD part of this is you don't get to see all this before you sign on.
  15. 8978

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    I'm not leased to Landstar but I have a friend who is so I have access to the internal load board. What gets me is they post the rate but it's not what the driver gets. You need to get out the calculator and figure it out. There is no reason why you can't enter your percentage into your profile and have it display what your really getting per mile along with FSC factored in.
  16. hottrodscars

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    Reply from Lance: I was with Landstar 20 years. They used to be a good company, but they never were the same again after a management change about 3 years ago. A lot of this has to do with the 2010 regulations by the lousy government we have now. Every 4 months they make you get an annual DOT inspection done at a truck garage THEY choose - - usually those garages always find SOMETHING wrong, just to generate revenue in their garage. It used to be, if you lived less than 25 miles from your home or a garage YOU wished to have whatever it was fixed at, you could do that - - but now, they force you to have it fixed at THAT shop location, and if there is a problem with shoddy work done at that shop they have not done anything about it to correct the problem. This fact alone would be reason enough to not lease to them, because it can make you or break you with as thin as profit margins are now for truckers. I can tell you one thing though, DO NOT have a truck payment if you want to lease to ANYBODY, especially since so many businesses are laying off now. Landstar used to insist of their agents that they have 50% of their own freight, now they just let them be "kitchen table" agents which let them post broker freight which means cheap rates. I have been over-the-road for 40 years and 4 million miles and ever since deregulation in 1981 the trucking industry has just gotten worse and worse. I would only recommend a person get in to trucking if they were going to be a husband-wife team - - they get preferential treatment and the best rates. If you INSIST on getting into trucking as an owner-operator, then I think Landstar would be the best company - - yes they do have good freight rates around Chicago + 300 miles or so, some good rates elsewhere - - example $5.00 - $8.00 per mile for tire loads that are 100 -300 miles trips - - CRH agency has those, I always liked working with them. They are one of many Chicago agents. To make things easy though, I would make sure you did not have any truck payment, or else a very low one.
    Hope that helped.
    Lance - -
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    Roughly, just divide by 4 - - comes real close. Example - - if a load pays $2000 you usually net $500.
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    Not everyone gets same rate, depending on how long you been here, if you have your own trailer etc. The load board shows rate per mile and everyone should know how much they need per mile to move a load so percentage really doesent matter when you know whats left of 2.00 minus the percentage
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    I realize that but they can make the web page customizable depending on your rate. I know a bunch of Landstar drivers and they all boast they are getting this and that. They all quote what Landstar gets, not what they get. It's a weird mentality. Ya, got this great load paying $2.00 a mile. Wow, that's what you get. Well, no, I actually I get $1.34. Allrighty then!!!
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    What? If I was an owner operator ain't no way I'd haul freight for 25% of what the load pays. I make about that as a company driver.

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