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    Can anyone give me a few tips on landstar,i do own my own truck and live in chicago area and landstar has a terminal in Rockford (il)just north of chicago,is it true what they say by telling me theres thousands of loads to pick from????is it possible to serve the same three or four customers like they said,is it true that i can do local runs (paid percentage)as theres plenty of freight in chicago area?Anybody any thoughts on them before i go much futher,at present i drive local for swift(who dont pay to bad)but my freight is slowing down with them as they are losing customers due to some of our drivers attitude and delivering loads late,,,,anyone out there work for landstar a be glad of some feedback,thanks
  2. patriciajnsn

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    Swift losing customers due to late loads and attitudes??????????????????????????????? I find that hard to believe,LOL.Anyway I heard landstar is a great company.Next time you see a landstar trk ask the driver.
  3. searay

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    I broker loads from Landstar, Great company to deal with. Go to landstars load board and see the laods.
  4. rigjockey

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    I worked for an O/O that had his truck on with landstar.They seemed pretty decent They paid good money on the miles and we never sat waiting for a load.Back then but Im going back about 12 yrs ago.
  5. boone315

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    This is not recent but back in the later "90's When Swift, J.B and Werner got into flatbedding, they all three moved in and took over the loads coming out of Alcoa in Massena NY, and drove us independents out, after the first winter swift and werner lost their contracts because their driver were never on time( have to go through three snowbelts to get there and the same three to get out) I think J.B. sold out their flatbed side, the company was called challenger, they did not last long either.
  6. FREE-DUMB!!

    YouTube - Landstar's Detention Policy

    Company good or bad depends entirely upon with whom one speaks.
    Some O.O.s are doing good, some are not.

    I used to know of one team that would deadhead up to 700 miles just to "gain" $0.10 cpm and for 2 years they couldn't figure in why they weren't making any profit AND sometimes their deadheading resulted in NO LOAD because landstar will NOT call O. O.s to update on loads that have either already been picked up or cancelled.
    Nice company policies.

    At one time I'm sure landstar was a great company but since '05 (when I learned about it), it appears akin to cheap haul robusome.
  7. patriciajnsn

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    I've heard that because they're cheaper are'nt they??????????????
  8. boone315

    boone315 SPACE TRUCKING

    Yes, they came in and cut our throats(what they usually do) after they left, Alcoa had to scramble for trucks because most of us local guys had moved on to something different, that is when Mercer, Landstar and Mawson and Mawson got a larger share of the pie, but the freight rate still never got back to where it was, mostly because a new union contract was signed during all this and the labor agreement took into account the rates then being paid to Swift and the other idiots, which meant more for the union, less for the truckers(as usual). So we got the shaft twice.
  9. patriciajnsn

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    A friend has his own trk and was going to go to Landstar but said they don't have a rider policy.I don't know how true that is.I never heard of a company not allowing you to have a passenger on board when he has his own trk not leasing.He's with a great company now but still.
  10. boone315

    boone315 SPACE TRUCKING

    I am pretty sure they have a rider policy, not 100%, I know a guy who takes his kid with him but that is not saying he is allowed to, he just does.
  11. smokestack

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    you have to talk to a driver and see their computer
    pretty impressive set up
    i had the opportunity to get a really good tour from a Landstar driver
    I was searching Harrisburg,Pa/ Boston Mass
    as a steady lane
    it would work fine for me
    but they don't pay tolls
    and my present co does
  12. patriciajnsn

    patriciajnsn Steering Wheel Holder

    I figured they did.I think he was just finding a reason because he did'nt wanna stay out.
  13. Ive been with landstar for about 8 monthes now. I bought my truck and went emmedietly to landstar so I dont have alot of o/o experience. But I can say I have nothing bad to say about them, and yes. They do have a rider program. However your rider has to be over 18(which I find annoying when im driving by the city my daughter lives in while on my way to the house). Landstar will never tell you where to go or when to go. That is entirely up to you. They have a large data base of Agents that either deal directly with the shipper or sometimes brokers. You will start out looking at the load board for your loads and eventually you will get a network of agents you will call instead. Landstar gets 35% of the linehaul if you use their van and 28% if you have your own. You get 100% of the fsc which I think is around .32 cpm at the moment. The loads are paying "OK" in my view. The hardest part about Landstar is getting excepted. The last I heard they are only excepting about 10% of the apps. So you better have a spotless record or you might be wasting your time. Good luck to anyone who wants to lease on. All this aside. I should be lying to you and say Landstar sucks so You stay away from my loads....;)
  14. sharpshooter

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    I'm going through the process now. I haven't purchased a truck yet though. I'm curious, did you buy cheap, or get what you wanted? The thing that worries me is buying too cheap and having a lot of problems while i'm trying to get going. The other is going too expensive and struggling to get by while I learn the
  15. bigyellowpete

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    I don't work for Landstar, but when you are buying your first truck, buy the truck you need to do the job, not the truck you wish you had because you are doing so well. If it turns out you do make a good go of it, you can get all the truck you can afford later, if it doesn't work, it's easier to climb out of a hole dug with a spade than it is to get out of one dug with a steam shovel. My Grandpa used to say that. Smart guy.
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  16. I bought an 05 c
    frtliner century with 633k miles for 24k at 11.9% interest. The payments came out to $818 a month for 28 months. I bought an old "Shaeffer" truck. You might want to look for something similiar since some of these big companies take good care of their trucks...."some". It sounds like your doing the same thing I did. The approval process is tedious but well worth it when you finally get approved. Here's some usefull knowledge....once your leased on and your truck keys are almost in your hands. You wont be able to leave with the truck until you have insurance.....its gonna look like a catch "22". Just have the dealership speak to your recruiter(or whatever we call them), and they(the recruiter)will send the the insurance card to the dealership. Good luck. ;)
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    Well for what it is worth, I am a Landstar agent and I speak with alot of shippers, consignees and drivers. I have yet to hear anything bad about Landstar. Our vendors are all treated good, Owner Ops (BCO's) are treated like Kings and then yes there are us agents, but Life is good with Landstar.
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    what is Jacksonville slipping into your coffee??
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    Wow, I had no idea.........
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