Kenworth T700 Review

Discussion in 'Kenworth' started by CamelTrucker, Oct 7, 2010.

  1. MustangLX

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    Aug 17, 2010
    I also watched the show on Speed. The floor is balsa wood and coated with a polymer.
    The detail that stuck in my mind was the mention of a ten hour build time, start to finish.
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  3. Racer X 69

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    Oct 15, 2009
    Just another mega company team truck. I can't see any owner operators buying one. And I am still baffled why my company just bought two.

    For flatbed work!

    It is all about aerodynamics. Who cares about the sun glaring down on the driver, right?

    Balsa wood? Sounds like the model airplanes I used to build. As for weight savings, probably more than a measly 20 pounds, and hey. here a pound, there a pound everywhere a pound. It adds up.

    When I built my race car I trimmed every single tab, bracket, lip and fastener I didn't need. I even took the wiring harness apart and removed all the wires except what was needed to run the lighting and items the rules required. I removed so much weight from the car I had to add ballast to meet the minimum race weight.

    What is this? Are the building this truck "off the shelf"?

    Interesting analogy. Makes great sense, and it would be great to ask the suits at the EPA why this is.

    Aside from the lack of looks, the greenhouse effect is the only other real complaint I have about the Volvo I drive.

    Perhaps Hangman would like to weigh in and defend the new KW, seeing as how he works for PACCAR.
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