Just how good is Crete?

Discussion in 'Crete Carrier' started by AsphaltRodeo, Oct 19, 2011.

  1. AsphaltRodeo

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    My husband has been driving for 7 months now and we have had very little luck when it comes to the two companies that he has driver for. Right now we are beginning the search to find a GREAT company that requires at least a year of experience. In all honesty I have not heard anything about Crete one way or the other. But, from what I have read on their website they seem to be a very well organized and thought out company. I have also learned from past experiences with two companies that remain anonymous that looks are very very deceiving and recruiters will say almost anything to get you to drive for them.

    So I'm asking for some feed back on Crete from some of their drivers and others that have friends that drive or drove for Crete.

    Many thanks in advance
  2. boone315

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    Not sure how much you know about the industry but with these big companies, one is basically the same as the other. If you stripped the stickers off the door and mixed them up, you can't tell them apart. The best think your hubby can do is get with a company, stick with them for a year, through thick and thin, keep his nose clean and get some miles under his belt, then he can start looking for a company who is better suited for his needs. It already sounds like his resume looks a little shady, if you have worked for more companies then months driving and already complaining about this job, it doesn't look to good. Going to come a time when nobody will hire him.

    ABF_FREIGHTHAULER Well-Known Member

    In driving jobs like Crete and Prime are a dime a dozen. If he quits one he'll surely be able to find another. But in order to get into some of the better companies he's going to have to stick with somebody for a year or so. No above average company will hire a person that goes through 3 jobs a year. So if he decides to move on to Crete and doesn't like it he can always jump on over to Werner or Swift after that but, it will end up being the same as every place else. He should try and stick it out then start applying at companies that DON'T have recruitment numbers on the back of the trailers. If a company needs to beg for drivers chances are they aren't the best place to work for.
  4. ultralucky

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    I've been at Crete for five years now. And if you would of asked two years ago, I would of told you that this was the best company out there. I don't bad mouth where I'm working. But I'm starting to think Swift bought us out, and there not telling us. If it wasn't for the 44ยข a mile, I would be gone in a heartbeat.
  5. MustangLX

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    I'm no expert, and have never worked for any of the above quoted companies, but based on what I have seen and the drivers I have met and/or know personally, I wouldn't lump Crete in with those others.

    I'm not saying it's a top shelf, gravy job, but I would work for them hands down before I even considered any of the other three.

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