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Discussion in 'John Christner Trucking' started by acrman1, Jan 25, 2011.

  1. acrman1

    acrman1 Member

    good or bad co to lease on too????
  2. Trudger

    Trudger Member

    Good :)
  3. SweetDaddy

    SweetDaddy Well-Known Member

    What's the deal then ....I hear alotta of bad news bears drivers leaving there

    I use too always see there truks going like 75 MPH PLUS EVERYWHERE WEST OF I 55

  4. Trudger

    Trudger Member

    Yes, many drivers fly down the highway, burning up their paychecks...the trick is to keep your most controllable variable (your fuel), down. Myself, regardless if the posted speed allows me to do 75, our trucks are governed at 68. Even then, I CHOOSE to be a responsible business owner as a lease driver and drive 55 mph at all times when I can. :) There are also those drivers that need or want too much home time to be in a lease program. You want to lease? You'd better be willing to put in the hard work that it requires to succeed.
  5. Racer X 69

    Racer X 69 Member

    So what can a driver expect to earn annually?

    And how long does a driver have to stay out to make those earnings and why?
  6. coachman

    coachman Old ass'd trucker Supporter

    I don't know about him but I run 75 MPH and don't worry about fuel I get paid by the hour LOL The faster I get there the faster I get home nuff said.:beep:
  7. Duck

    Duck Quack Supporter

    Usually the guys who are paid by the hour drive below the speed limit to waste time.
  8. coachman

    coachman Old ass'd trucker Supporter

    Not me Duck I am about through with the world of trucking and the faster I can get there the faster I can get home, I only do one over night trip a week. the rest is my time.
  9. Trudger

    Trudger Member

    Earnings are up to you. They have the freight...I'd stay out a good 3 weeks to make a pretty good living. :)
  10. coachman

    coachman Old ass'd trucker Supporter

    Then if that is what you like then by all means have at it.
  11. rigjockey

    rigjockey Token Canadian.

    I heard that! From the time I leave untill the time I get home,Thats all I'm trying to do is get back home. I works out well, I make my deliveries on time my pick ups on time and dispatch thinks I'm a trucking I like my time on the road but I like my time at home better.
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  12. coachman

    coachman Old ass'd trucker Supporter

    As a matter of fact at 2AM last night while I was running the back roads in Ohio I made the decision to end it so I called in for my check call at 8AM I told my boss I got 2 things for you, he said whats up I said here is my 2 weeks and out the other is I have a delivery with out bills and it is not on my route sheet and I hung up. I knew my dispatcher would call so I let it ring and finished my route LOL then I called him and told him I was quiting in 2 weeks and said I am not a road dog any more. He said what are you gonna do then I said not sure but I do know trucks are not in my future and hung up. End of story NUFF SAID.
  13. Injun

    Injun Rabid Squaw Staff Member Supporter

    Yeah, the days of JCT's solo teams are over. Electronic logs put a stop to that.

    I wouldn't lease from or onto JCT, but my reason is because I did grocery from supplier to distribution centers. It sucked. Since that's pretty much JCT's bread and butter, I'll pass. Well, that and I don't like Cascadias or midroof S***Spreaders.
  14. Trudger

    Trudger Member

    Ok...been a bit since I last posted, but I have more to say about life at JCT now. There are good and bad things with just about any company out there, I don't too many will argue that point. So, here are the good things: Plenty of freight, great equipment, $1.00 buyout at end of lease, you can fuel ANYWHERE you choose, you can have maintenance done ANYWHERE you choose, so long as it is a certified mechanic per the OEM guidelines, many in the company will help you to succeed and they generally care about us. Now, the make a decent living doing this, you should be out a month running good, then take a few days off at home or wherever you want. Sometimes the shipper/receiver delays are hassles, but not too bad by most company standards. How you get along with your DM (driver manager for those not in the know) is paramount to your happiness and success in the program. Sometimes you butt heads with them, but then you learn to understand each other and make it work...or move to a different DM. The health plan they have isn't the best out there, but not the worse either. I cover my entire family for $93.00 a week under their owner operator health plan.

    Ok, now for more good things! Accounting and taxes are simple and easy with their OPTIONAL affiliation with ATBS ($18.00/week). YOU drive the truck, they focus on the paperwork and tax reporting. More goodies? You bet, JCT pays ALL tolls and scales. You can travel down ANY toll road and they will pay it (EZ PASS/PIKE PASS) or reimburse you. They also pay your highway use tax! There is just so much more here than other L/P programs. I was truly amazed at all they provide you!

    I've been running now since June 13th, 2012. There have been bad weeks, good weeks and great weeks. You just have to time things right and look forward to the future when you have a great week. It balances out in the end though. Home time? YOU control it, not the company. Stay out as long as you want, stay home as long as you want. However, saying that I will say THIS...if you want more time at home, then bank a week worth of truck payment/fixed costs and either pay them for that week or just accept a negative settlement now that you've banked the money for your extended stay at home, vacation, etc.
  15. SweetDaddy

    SweetDaddy Well-Known Member

    Nice post it ain't bs ridden fluff piece

    It is what you make it
  16. Trudger

    Trudger Member

    Yes, it IS what you make it. Granted, not everything is great all the time. Case in point, this week I'm $913.00 in the negative because I didn't run last week, I was home for a while by my choice, to spend time with my wife. Hey, we had only seen each other about 4-5 days in 2 1/2 months, it was the right thing to do. (I left my last job and hopped a bus straight to JCT before coming home.)

    Now, the load I had ran after home time couldn't deliver til Monday, and Sunday is the cutoff for any late trip requests (you get 10 per year.) Now, I've been sitting since yesterday and finally have a load to pick up about 230 miles away, at 0530 a.m. However, as I usually do, I will check with the shipper to see if early p/u is possible. Here is an area where JCT tries to help when they can: this load won't deliver until Monday in Missouri. So...they are letting me take it to the terminal (JCT) in Sapulpa, OK so I can drop it and put in the late trip request. AND, to help with next weeks settlement, they are deferring my $633 truck payment next settlement too. They know the freight issue has been bad down here, and DO try to help as ,much AS they can. Yes, I get irritated and stressed at times (what driver doesn't), but try and make the best of it I can.

    I'll keep updates coming with my experiences. :)
  17. Trudger

    Trudger Member

    Not so good I found it...
  18. Trudger

    Trudger Member

    I TAKE IT ALL BACK. JCT and John Christner are professional con artists in my opinion.
  19. Trudger

    Trudger Member

    I take it ALL back. AVOID this company at all costs!
  20. Mike

    Mike Well-Known Member Staff Member

    What has changed?

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