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    This is who my husband drives for and I ride with him and we love this company. They are fair, decent, and honest. About Mr. Christner he's been in the trucking industry for 46 years. He was a trucker himself for 22 years. He highly respects his drivers. You get $150.00 in cash advances, $200.00 free fuel and no truck payments for the first month. If you feel you're not getting enough miles DM doesn't want to cooperate, he see you will. We have a fantastic DM who works with us and wouldn't trade him for anything. My husband is a solo driver and averaging 3,500 to 4,000 miles a week. Your pay is $0.90 c.p.m. then $0.02 c.p.m. for performance and $0.48 c.p.m. for fuel surcharge. So its $1.40 c.p.m.. Fuel surcharge fluxuates depending on the price of fuel. You can trip scan for faster payment and if you want to get that last trip in for the following paycheck. He pays road and highway taxes, all permits the whole nine yards. He pays lumpers, and has 3 passes. I-Pass, EZpass, and Kpass. And if you're on a route and have to pay a toll and don't have the cash on you, they will give you the AR Code so you can cash an EFS check at a truck stop to pay for the toll. JCT is very serious about your logs. You burn them you get reprimanded once, second time see you later. Turn your truck keys in if you don't own the truck, and if you do, you leave the premises through the gates and don't return. Do not be late on loads. If you're a good runner, and your late on a couple you will get asked why. If it becomes and ongoing thing then you terminated. If you are always late then yes you will be terminated. He does say if you feel very tired he rather see you sleep then wreck. Mr. Christner's policy is: "If you have a problem, come talk to me and we'll figure out a solution". My husband and I personally got to talk to him and it was like talking to an old friend. First is home time. You need to go home, and they will see every way possible to get you there. Home time is no problem. Second the orientation. You go to a 4 day orientation. You go to a different restaurant every day. Monday was a bunch of paperwork about being hired on. Also had the physical. Meeting employees that worked there. Tuesday was listening to more people talk and meeting more of the staff. Then went out to pick out our truck. Wednesday watched films, listened more to people talk, and more paperwork. Thursday meet Mr. John Christner himself, signed over the paperwork to the truck, get the first load. They also tell you in orientation that if you're not happy with the truck you got on Tuesday, wait 90 days, Now the trucks. They have Internationals, Petes, Volvos, Freights, and Kenworths. They number the trucks like ex: L1933B and from the L17's to the newest they have either Thermoking APU's or Carrier APU's. If it doesn't have one on go talk to Mike Neil or John Mallory. If that don't work you see Mr. John Christner himself. He is a very strong believer in those generators and on saving fuel. The numbers of the trucks have a significance to when you want a truck. The two things you look for is the number and the last letter. Our truck is L1933B. The 19 is a new truck and the B means we are the second owner of the truck. The 2000's are the highest numbers it goes right now. The truck you pick out is yours to own. Truck payments are weekly and at the end of 3, 3 and a half years you give Mr. Christner $1.00 and he gives you the title to the truck no questions asked. What you do with the truck after that it's your thing. You can still stay with JCT or take your truck and go on your own, or trade it in for another truck you want at a car lot. We have a 2007 International Eagle with a Carrier APU on it. I love it. Running. You run all 48 states. They're based out of Sapulpa, OK. That's pretty much it about JCT. Thanks!

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    i would like to talk to you more about JCT i recently got hired on but they have told me if will be October 12th before i can get in there.... please respond back with a way i might be able to chat with you further about this. thanks and as always.. be safe and keep that greasy side down!~!
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    Hello irunwithhubby. Nice thread about JCT. I have recently been approved to join the JCT team and have been trying to find out more info about the company. Would really like to talk to some actual JCT drivers that know first hand instead of rumors and cb talk...if you know what I mean. If possible, can you contact me at

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    The comment, by IRUN, is one view of John Christner Trucking. Mine is the complete opposite view. My short, 6 wk experience with them was the worst I've had in 13 yrs driving OTR. Yes, I know I haven't been in the trucking industry for 46 yrs, as you say your husband has, but I think I've been driving long enough to know what I'm talking about.
    In 13 yrs of OTR, I have never experienced such rude and demeaning behavior, directed at truck drivers, as I have with John Christner Trucking. From the initial orientation, when the presenters were condescending, impatient, and disdainful to the tentative drivers, to the shop, to the driver managers, this place is the truck driver's enemy and should be avoided AT ALL COSTS!! I consider myself a mature, professional, and experienced driver, with a great safety record, as well as someone with a customer service background, with a lot of PR training. Yet, even with all the efforts I made to try and fit in and get along with the staff here, it proved in vain. I believe, if a person like me cannot coexist with these people, no one can!!! I am very laid back and easy going, however, when I have a complaint, or an issue that needs to be resolved, a company, worth it's oats, should help me to do so. It's one thing to say you have an "open door" policy. It's quite another to act as if you do. John Christner Trucking does not have this!! They treat drivers like children. They take your complaints as if they were winings from a cry baby. They have a good old boys club here, that only serves to support their own, circle the wagons, and protect each other to all extents of their power. If you have any complaints or issues that you are bothered with and would like to address them with your driver manager, or even go further up the ladder, they will pull out the, "well I have known this person for 22 yrs, and have never had a single complaint about him" card!! Names to remember, who will screw you any chance they get here: Keith Salley(DM Supervisor), Royce Sharpe(Personal Driver Liason to/from the Shop), Sheila Bane(LP Contracts), Jim Gomez(VP Operations), and Marty Means(Keith's Supervisor). In addition, as if that's not enough, their lease sucks!! For a truck I had, that they even agreed was appraised at $85, 000, after my lease would be up in 4.5 yrs, would have cost me $132, 000!!! Most drivers don't count up the annotated payments and total the cost out, but I did. Additionally, my truck, which their budget chart on their website bases itself as getting 6 mpg, for all the other figures to fall in line, only got 4.5-5.0 mpg, and that's with my averaging 60 mph. Thus, on a 3200 mi week, in which they promised a take home of $1225, after all expenses, I was lucky to get $700, and that's with my not withholding taxes for quarterly filing. Also, my truck, a 2007 International 9300, had ac failure within 2 wks of being issued to me, and last week had all my coolant leak out of a gigantic hole in the engine block!!
    I think you said it all, IRUN, when you said you and your hubby met John Christner. Just the fact that you had to go that far up the ladder to demand meeting him, to resolve some problem you were having, tells me a lot about how screwed up his company is. When a driver has to meet with the owner/president of the company to address an issue, that's bad!! And how many times are you going to be able to meet him, every time you have a problem? You had your one meeting, and I'm sure that was considered sufficient by the company. If you can't get issues resolved at the lower levels, regularly, and you need to go to the president to do so, that's a problem!!
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    That's too bad.Things chance so much in this industry and partly due to our sinken economy.She posted that 2008 and by what you're saying,they've changed for the worst.Many companies change due to **** poor new management.I drove for a company I loved at first,9 months later I was ready to kill a few ppl.I left shortly after that.We had a new guy that took over and his ppl and trucking skills had alot to be desired.
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    Hey moondoggie :) I just wanted to let you know that I was looking up JCT and it seems probably the reason anyone was able to speak witht he president/owner of the company is because they have a small amount of office staff that actually deals with the drivers so I would imagine there was probably not a very big chain to go thru of people. And really you should feel good that you would be able to speak with the owner/president if you wanted. Tell me how many other companies with more than 500 trucks you can do that with? Stay Safe!

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