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Discussion in 'John Christner Trucking' started by Trudger, Oct 2, 2012.

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    Ok, I've had it with JCT and the children they have working there. All I'm posting here is to be considered my opinion on the matter for now. I've spoken with Shannon numerous times about the staff at JCT not doing what they are supposed to be doing. I've also spoken to Mr. John Christner on the phone myself. I think he's a pompous arse and a fraud. Yes, he has built JCT up to a very large and profitable company, but on the backs of hard working American drivers who are lured in with false advertising, lies, the thought and hope of the American dream and a well-formulated fraud network. I'm doing all I can to prove these matters with the Federal Government.

    As I've stated before, Mr. Christner has built an empire by defrauding drivers for several years now. For one, he considers drivers to be "independent contractors" and as such expects all of his bills for running that "lease to own" truck to paid by the drivers. However, the drivers are really employees as far as the government is concerned according to the IC/Employee TESTS that have been developed. The primary focus is on CONTROL. WHO has control over when, how, how much, in what manner, etc. work is to be performed. JCT doesn't even "ALLOW" stickers, decals, YOUR company name if you have one, etc. "operated by abcdef trucking, etc." to be placed on their trucks. They want the appearance to their customers to be COMPANY, all the same. Now, other big name trucking companies have realized this and don't forbid the markings, they just charge you a fee to remove them if the time comes. JCT says no way, no how, period. CONTROL. THE only things YOU can control are where you fuel the truck and what route to take, period. I'm working hard to prove JCT is an employer.

    John Christner has the mentality that IC's can be told when, how, where, etc. to do their contracted work. Even his wife, according to him has similar issues with the woman she "hired" as an IC to clean their home. She comes at 8 am, which is what his wife wants, but the cleaning woman, who is an IC, wants to come at 11 am instead. Mr. Christner told me that he told his wife, if they can't do what she wants, when she wants it, that she should just severe the relationship and move on to the next. THAT is exactly how he does it at JCT too. You don't do it all their way, you're "gone."

    I'm disgusted with people like John Chrsitner who continue to make tons of money with this scam, avoid payroll taxes and have all of THEIR expenses met with IC's. It's just on paper, I don't believe it's legal.

    Oh...and to customers of JCT like WALMART and TYSON, SHAME on you! Working with such a company that treats their employees this way. They are just as guilty by giving JCT and the white collar fraud scammers the money to continue brining in victims of their scheme.
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    The best way to deal with a company like this is to never work for them in the first place. No one is forced to work for them, right?

    So you think gigantic multinational corporations like WalMart and Tyson are squeaky clean?
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    Well Gee, Golly, Gosh!

    You mean to say that when you "Lease" a truck from a carrier that it's not really yours???????

    How can that possibly be?

    It says in the ad in the little truck stop magazine that you'll be an O/O and be "independent".....You mean to say that...."It's not true"?

    I'm shocked......SHOCKED!!!!!!

    But seriously folks.....When you do a "flease" deal, You own NOTHING! You are not an O/O, Not even close! The truck is not yours to do with as you please and in MOST cases, It'll never be yours.
    So remember the old saying that your mommy used to bore you with....If a deal sounds too good to be true, It's probably not true.

    Things like:

    Be your own boss with no money down.
    Own your truck no matter how ****ed up your credit is.
    and all of the other bull**** they feed you is......Well, Bull****!

    We keep telling you people about this, and you all keep saying......"It won't happen to me because I'm (a) Smarter, (b) have a better work ethic, (c) did my homework...." And all of the other BS that "future fleasers" always say just before they bend over and grab their ankles.

    Oh....Yeah, There are some other things that "Flease Operatos" say too (usually after the fact), Things like (a) I should have listened, (a) What was I thinking? (c) I lost my car, house, marriage, Life savings and so on.

    It is very rare to see anyone come out on the winning end of one of these deals because (a) They are set up to heavily favor the company, (b) Your ****ed up credit is usually that way because you aren't good with your finances, (c) Trucking is a tough business even for an experienced hand and MOST "Fleasers" have little or no experience in this business.

    John Christner didn't become a millionare by giving you the title at the end of the lease for $1.00......

    Have a nice day.
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