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It's not easy, but you're sticking with it.

Discussion in 'Women In Trucking' started by bigyellowpete, Dec 11, 2010.

  1. Children and g-children r the world. Being out on that truck is hard and between you and me, I don't think your ready.
    Homelife is still apart of you.
  2. We now have a Great Grand Son. 4months old. This will be a great Christmas. I have the Video camera all set.
  3. WOW,That is great every little and large thing they do means so much.
    Friend of mine is a great and her mom is alive making her a great great, But we r not allowed to tell. She tells all her poker gals she just a great.....
  4. I am supposed to be a farmers wife. I miss that more than anything. I love getting my tractor out and going to the pasture to mow. I love the smell of fresh turned Earth. Life was good back then. I hate going by the farm we both so wanted. Seeing the empty house fall in ruin. That's another long story. but this is what life delt me. The same life I grew up in. Ironic isn't it? Am I off topic yet?
  5. I love farm life too. I sometimes wish there were two of me. One of me could be home living off the land and the other one of me on the road in a big ol' truck jamming gears with loud country music on the radio, LOL. It sucks to be torn between two lifestyles.
  6. there is no torn to it....I was in rodeo club and ag club (an aggie) in college. I grew up in trucking. Its just what life dealt me. I enjoy what I do but its not my first love.......I should of listen to my father before I walked the isle...he told me to go back to TX. no country music unless its Western Swing.....other than that oldies
  7. Company I work for has a couple women drivers and they do fine.One pulls a reefer the other was pulling a flatbed.Till she came up missing.6 weeks later the truck was found where she dumped itm,loaded in Slidell La at the TA.Her and her boyfriend went on a drug spree,spent all the fuel money and left the truck.She had enough nerve to come to the office demanding her paycheck.Needless to say she no longer works there and the boss found out she had done this once before.So he is more careful now on new hires,wont hire anyone with out atleast 5 yrs exp.
  8. Six weeks later???????????????? Nothing like taking their sweet time at locating the trk.I hope your company put on her dac why she no longer drives for them.
  9. wow that is some crazy stuff.
  10. sucks to be her. havin a abandoned truck n trailer is pretty bad on ur record

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