Isx fault code3582

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  1. Keep getting this code on my 2012 cummins isx anyone have this issue
  2. Injun

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    What's the SPN number?
  3. Not sure wha the spn # is can you describe it?
  4. I have replaced the def injector and outlet nox sensor but the same code keep coming back
  5. [​IMG]
  6. I see the spn now4364
  7. Spn # 4364
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  8. Injun

    Injun Rabid Squaw Staff Member Supporter

    K, I've dealth a lot with the DPF, but not the SCR.

    Maybe @r3gulator3 can help on this one.
  9. r3gulator3

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    3582 is a four hour troubleshooting tree where it test everything in your scr system one component at a time. It usually results in the replacement of the catalyst. If your catalyst has never been changed it is probably an obsolete version which will require a harness to delete the amonia sensor (NH3 sensor).

    This is a very common problem on Cummins scr catalyst from 2010-2012. If you have had any def system issues it could of washed your brick which will also require replacement. If the def nozzle was leaking or if your a local guy who idles a lot you could also have plugging in you decomposition tube. Caused by crystalized DEF.

    I suggest taking it to a reputable shop and have them do the diagnostic for the 3582.
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  10. This sounds expensive when you say replace the catalyst you mean the front section of the dpf canisters
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