Indiana rollover

Discussion in 'Old Dominion Freight Line' started by MustangLX, Jan 23, 2011.

  1. MustangLX

    MustangLX Parolee,financial advisor

  2. diehard

    diehard redneck

    that aint a very pretty site.
  3. patriciajnsn

    patriciajnsn Steering Wheel Holder

    Nope,it sure is'nt diehard.I've seen more rollovers this yr and cars in ditches.Plain and simple,too fast for conditions and/or maybe did'nt leave enough following space.I don't know why everyone has to be in such a hurry only to go nowhere when its snowing out and roads are 100%covered.Im a patient driver anyway but come winter that's when im the most patient.
  4. boone315

    boone315 SPACE TRUCKING

    They really should ban those doubles when the roads are bad, they think by piggybacking pups that it is safer, it is not, they can come around faster then the others.
  5. diehard

    diehard redneck

    there was a tanker wrecked on I77 around gent. north bound side just past the toll booth. last i heard they had the road completely closed and didnt know what was in the tanker. never did hear anymore on this.
  6. boone315

    boone315 SPACE TRUCKING

    Question What is the crime scene tape for?
  7. Sinister

    Sinister Smartass Emeritus Supporter

    I saw this wreck on my way north. At first I thought it was two trucks.
  8. MustangLX

    MustangLX Parolee,financial advisor

    No, it's not. I was in that crap all day Thursday. It looked like a battlefield from Louisville to Indy.
    It started as freezing rain and switched over to snow. It was tricky with the fresh snow on top of the ice, real decieving.
    I had a pucker up moment of my own on the Seymour bridge before I came up on this one.
    The most entertaining one was the empty flatbed that ended up out in the cornfield.
  9. bigyellowpete

    bigyellowpete Town Bike Supporter

    Was that on Thursday night/Friday morning? I was at Mt Nebo for the night and heard about a hazmat wreck from another driver.

    I came across another couple truck wrecks on 79 in WV on Friday after I got rolling and off 19.
  10. MustangLX

    MustangLX Parolee,financial advisor

    Good question. I don't recall ever seeing it used at a traffic accident before.
  11. searay

    searay Yachtman

    I65 in IN was black ice today from Lebanon north.
  12. bigyellowpete

    bigyellowpete Town Bike Supporter

    Check out this video a dash cam caught of a truck wreck last Friday in Ontario just up the road from my place.

  13. diehard

    diehard redneck

    that wasnt pretty either.
  14. Mike

    Mike Well-Known Member Staff Member

    That was a creepy thing to view just before going to bed.........
  15. Racer X 69

    Racer X 69 Member

    Will it give you nightmares?
  16. snowflake

    snowflake Ow ya goin'

    i figure he's gonna need a little bondo and paint to touch that nasty scrap up

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