I'm redoing all the airlines please help!!!!

Discussion in 'Peterbilt' started by Gonzz_81_359, Aug 7, 2017.

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    IMG_20170805_202021_164.jpg IMG_20170805_202017_379.jpg IMG_20170805_202014_460.jpg I have a 1981 359 400 big cam Cummins. I'm redoing all the airlines and would really appreciate if someone can help me find a Diagram. The previous owner started working on it and let it for dead. I really like this truck please let me know if you have any information. Thank you.
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    Not sure whether these will be helpful or not. Most air systems are fairly standard and a 1981 wasn't super complicated. Just don't take any more lines off without running your new lines parallel to the existing ones one at a time...to avoid any further confusion.

    The second image isn't very clear, but this is what I could find.


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    Yup that should help. It was just the back section that was all completely taken apart. The frunt I've been doing one at a time. Thanks for the information.

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