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I won!!!!

Discussion in 'Truckers Family and Friends' started by 2xR, Oct 2, 2009.

  1. Just curious, how do YOU know YOU won?...Are we just suppose to take your word for it..hahaha;)
  2. If it's opposite that means we Won......

    Well what did we win and when do we get it.........
  3. Hey, I didn't think about it that way Luna...lol....YEAH, WE WON!!!!!!!!!!!....:rolllaugh::runningaround:
  4. I think he's hiding from us, What do ya think we won?
  5. It should be obvious... I posted a word that NO ONE has posted the opposite of, therefore, I win.

    I love winning...
  6. Posted by NO ONE:
    Wanna bet?

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