I Violated Hours Of Service & Falsified my Elogs and Getting Paid 4 it too

Discussion in 'General Trucking Discussion' started by BirchBarlow, Mar 20, 2017 at 7:00 AM.

  1. BirchBarlow

    BirchBarlow I hate KW 680s

    Went home saturday got here early and punched in.

    Well turns out I was 23 minutes shy of a 34...

    So I did my usual check but I was off duty when i popped the hood and thumped my tires...

    Then while I was ON DUTY and PTI was drinking coffee and playing video games on my phone...

    I sure hope the DOT doesnt find out about this
  2. GAnthony

    GAnthony Well-Known Member

    i just sent them an email...you can thank me later.
  3. dchawk81

    dchawk81 Well-Known Member

    Don't worry, DOT reported GAnthony to the FCC for spamming them.
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  4. Rodger

    Rodger Well-Known Member

  5. GAnthony

    GAnthony Well-Known Member

  6. BirchBarlow

    BirchBarlow I hate KW 680s

    What about Payroll finding out because I posted this on inte3net and was punched in
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  7. GAnthony

    GAnthony Well-Known Member

    you're gonna get fired...again...looks like mc burger world again...
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  8. BirchBarlow

    BirchBarlow I hate KW 680s

    Yeah but Burger Barn fed me too....

    That free lunch everyday really helped stretch those foodstamps
  9. Blood

    Blood Driveler Emeritus Supporter

    I bet you left with a pocket full of fries every day too!
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  10. GAnthony

    GAnthony Well-Known Member

    if you hadn't accepted the "free lunches", that would have been more money in yer pocket.
  11. BirchBarlow

    BirchBarlow I hate KW 680s

    Yeah but that would have boosted my "take home" disqualifying me for programs.

    Ya see I got to have my cake AND "eat" it too while the rest of you "suckers" are working 70/80 per week to pay for it.

    And all that you ever achieved for all thst hard work was a scant illusion of an American dream that you are too busy and too exhausted to enjoy and an early grave from all that stress and abuse
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  12. BirchBarlow

    BirchBarlow I hate KW 680s

    You should see what they threw in the dumpster...

    Sealed 1/4 patties only a week expired and a dozen bags of perfectly good buns

    Invited the whole trailer park over for one hell of a cookout
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  13. GAnthony

    GAnthony Well-Known Member

    i hardly work more than 45 hours a week, making me no sucker, than you would be doing so...
  14. BirchBarlow

    BirchBarlow I hate KW 680s

    Well certain people here even moderators like @Injun always "chastise" me of not reaching my Full Potential...

    Yet not a one of ya know me in "Real" Life and I dare say my Portfolio and held assets looks much better than most.

    I could literally pay my mortgage off tommorrow yet I "refuse" and even recently cashed out some equity and refinanced because I would lose the write off

    That equity is gonna free me of a Car Loan at much higher interest and I still get my deduction

    My mortgage is a much lower interest rate
  15. Injun

    Injun Rabid Squaw Staff Member

    Actually, I couldn't give a **** less. It's not what you have. It's what you contribute here. Most of what you contribute here is dreck. We keep you around to be the example of what not to do.
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  16. BirchBarlow

    BirchBarlow I hate KW 680s

    Well Im proud to be a fine "example" of what Not 2 do and how to "end up"...

    Say will one of ya sign my Court Papers...

    Judge has been getting "impatient" about that Communtiy Service thingy although I guess ya gotta really do some "service"

    And not that I didnt try either but the Soup Kitchen said I looked too "Creepy"
  17. GAnthony

    GAnthony Well-Known Member

    oh i have seen what you are "full of"...

    as recently as back in december, i started a lease on my new 2017 Camry..cheaper than a loan, no interest. get to drive a new car, every 3 years, no breakdowns, no costs over gas, insurance, taxes.

    2 years ago now, i had re-fied my mortgage, got a MUCH lower rate, save "nearly $4,000" per year with the rate, allowing me MORE money to put down on the principal each month.
  18. dchawk81

    dchawk81 Well-Known Member

    I dunno I got a pretty nice truck and a big honkin' enclosed car hauler to show for it.

    (With pretty nice payments too of course.)

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  19. BirchBarlow

    BirchBarlow I hate KW 680s

    I wonder what Dave Ramsey would say about all those Nice Payments
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  20. GAnthony

    GAnthony Well-Known Member

    i don't listen to financial planners.

    they weren't around when i was poor, now that i'm richer than Trump, they are just like flies to ****.
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