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Discussion in 'Refrigerated Trucking' started by Fredl, Jun 6, 2016.

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  1. Fredl

    Fredl Well-Known Member

    Interesting to me as im just since September with Reefers on the Milk. If i hook a Trailer up is Temp preset to 2 centigrates. fridge runs and Temp is between +1 and +5 i go,otherwise i phone Office and take another Trailer.
    Had one last Night which was off. Started them and all OK. When i left Yard was Fridge off and +7 Centigrades. Didnt start,so i switched them off and on again and everything OK till it went off by +2 and didnt came on. Switched to continuous running and all was OK. Not sure,but think the Temp-Sensor wasnt able to start the Fridge. Got said often is a sensor getting icy and then dont works. But wots with that Sensor when i carry Ice by -25 Centigrates as Frozzen?
  2. Mammoth Transport

    Mammoth Transport Well-Known Member

    Sometimes a speed sensor getting dodgy will keep the reefer from running a light load. Run in fast continuos and see if that gets you to the shop.
  3. Fredl

    Fredl Well-Known Member

    We got then an Engineer servicing all Reefers and checking for Faults. But i left now,driving for an Agency (Pertemps) at Royal Mail again
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