How bad does it have to get BEFORE intervention.....

Discussion in 'Swift Transportation' started by mndriver, Apr 7, 2016.

  1. mndriver

    mndriver curmudgeon extraordinare

    Because of their latest accident. Reporter went and included this tidbit.

    1 dead in I-85 tractor trailer crash

    So how bad of a record does a mega need before intervention happens? With (correct me if I'm wrong). 22,000 drivers that 20ish% of the fleet that's had an unsafe driving citation.

    Pretty sure a much smaller carrier would have been deemed unsafe and shut down or forced into a program for improvement. I know I would have long ago had my iss score jacked up so high it would have negated my prepass account and gotten me a 100% pull in.

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  2. Tazz

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    When you take 1.8 billion miles and calculate 56 fatal crashes during that their rate seems liw. It is why all big companies want the rate reported as per million miles. When was Swifts last audit?

    That said judging from the driver domiciled I am going to guess trainer and trainee. So RIP driver.
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  3. Skateboard

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    An intervention?!?!? Actually, Swift's record is pretty good! There's no intervention planned and their CSA score is good. If you look, the unsafe driving is BS from 3rd lane violations, no 4-ways on to unlawful parking and no seat belts. Just think MN, you have one unsafe ticket and you at 50% unsafe driving for your company!!!
  4. patriciajnsn

    patriciajnsn Steering Wheel Holder

    With mega carriers I doubt there will ever be intervention instead FMCSA rather make the entire industry take the hit.
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  5. mndriver

    mndriver curmudgeon extraordinare

    at 1.334 hours of service violations my ISS score went to 76. That was a 100% call in
  6. Skateboard

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    Right before I got out my ISS score went from 0 to 66. I've been at zero for years. Not sure why it went up.
  7. mndriver

    mndriver curmudgeon extraordinare

    You SOOOOOO asked for it now....
  8. Injun

    Injun Rabid Squaw Staff Member

    I'd like to see where the reporter got the stats from.

    Is he including backing into a yellow pole as a crash?

    The way it's written, makes it look like one tenth of the fleet has hit another vehicle on the highway. I know for a fact that's not true.
  9. mndriver

    mndriver curmudgeon extraordinare

    I know this for a fact....

    For it to be considered a "Crash" for CSA records, it's got to meet specific criteria. Basically, hook, hearse or a nurse. Same as for a drug test.

    nothing else is "reportable".

    And that's coming from a federal DOT official. Same questions I had when I was talking to him about my accident from December.
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  10. Tazz

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  11. Injun

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  12. mndriver

    mndriver curmudgeon extraordinare

    those accidents are only reported for 24 months prior to today on the CSA list.

    So that would be correct.

    Since 2014.

    My accident falls off in Dec 2017. two years AFTER it happened.

    So in 24 months, Swift has had 2113 accidents and 57 fatalities.

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  13. mndriver

    mndriver curmudgeon extraordinare

    and here's the kicker....

    all it shows it ALL the accidents that a motor carrier has been involved in. It's not TOTALLY accurate because of the fact....

    Even if the motor carrier has been deemed NOT liable for the accident, it is STILL reported against them. And that is just plain wrong.
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  14. Tazz

    Tazz Infidel Supporter

    1.8 billion miles a year so involvement in one fatality accident once every 28 million or so off the top of my head. Probably below industry average.

    Edited to correct fat finger syndrome
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  15. mndriver

    mndriver curmudgeon extraordinare

    and each of there trucks operate 85,000 miles annually

    on average.
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  16. Tazz

    Tazz Infidel Supporter

    What do you expect when they keep wrecking them:toothpick:

  17. Sinister

    Sinister Smartass Emeritus Supporter

    In orientation the other day the orientation dude said the company I just signed on with has had ZERO fatalities in the last 2 years and run something like 285 million miles a year.

    There were tons of other types of crashes, and I guess you're gonna have that with 2300+ trucks, but ZERO fatalities.

    Then, a night or two ago, I found an article, and I also wonder where the reporter gets their stats from...

    Quality Carriers, owner of leaked acid tanker, had 187 crashes in past 2 years
  18. Duck

    Duck Quack Supporter

    No it's saying 90% of Swift drivers haven't crashed in the past several years.

    I find THAT hard to believe. :D

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  19. Injun

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  20. Tazz

    Tazz Infidel Supporter

    Look them up on Safer. That is where the reporterS normally get that stat. QC runs under a couple different sets of numbers though IIRC. They have affiliates like Ryan and others right?

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