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Discussion in 'Trucking Industry News' started by Terry, Aug 6, 2012.

  1. Terry

    Terry Gear Grinding Jerk


    I ran across this article today and I realized that those insane HOS rules did pass and companies are required to use them by next year.

    The rule requires truck drivers who maximize their weekly work hours to take at least two nights' rest when their 24-hour body clock demands sleep the most - from 1:00 a.m. to 5:00 a.m. This rest requirement is part of the rule's "34-hour restart" provision that allows drivers to restart the clock on their work week by taking at least 34 consecutive hours off-duty. The final rule allows drivers to use the restart provision only once during a seven-day period.

    To top that off, they are now required we waste 30 minutes out of our day to **** off.

    I heard about this crazy changes, but I didn't realize they had actually gone through. I thought our buddies over at OOIDA beat this crap.
  2. saddlesore

    saddlesore Well-Known Member

    It ain't over & final just yet.. several lawsuits are pending.
  3. Terry

    Terry Gear Grinding Jerk

    Turning a 34 hour reset in to a few days off is what they are doing... That's insane. 30 minute break that is mandatory. Not everyone drives like I do... But Sometimes I'll drive all day with just a couple of bathroom breaks and not realize the whole day is gone.

    Not liking that I'm supposed to turn a 5 minute **** break into 30 minutes.

    I grab food on the go when I fuel and even that only takes me 15 minutes to fuel and grab something greasy to go.
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  4. blackw900

    blackw900 Flatbedder For Life!

    How are they doing that?

    I've read those rules a few times now and I see nothing in them that turns a 34 into "a few days", At the very most it might turn it into a 48 but I really don't see how that could really happen.

    RACEFAN Space Truckin Supporter

    That's what I try and do too. Rattle off as many miles as possible in this 62mph beast....lol.
    But at least it's only 30 min. Better than makin it a whole f-n hour.
  6. Racer X 69

    Racer X 69 Member

    This has been discussed here many times in the last year.

    For me, nothing changes. I usually start a 34 (when I actually do one - I have been bumping hours on the last 6 or 7 trips in a row) at the end of a day of driving. 34 hours later at 5 or 6 in the morning I roll out with a fresh 70.

    Easy Squeezy.

    No Pain.

    No Stain.

    What I see getting screwed up is the teams. If they get forced into a reset the driver who usually runs the overnight shift is gonna get screwed.
  7. blackw900

    blackw900 Flatbedder For Life!

    What nobody that's whining about this stuff seems to understand is that the 34 isn't mandatory...You can chase hours and never have to do a 34.
    It will have no effect on me either nor will it have an effect on MOST drivers....But that won't stop the "counter sitters" from wettin' their pants about it!
  8. rigjockey

    rigjockey Token Canadian.

    IMO, We could fix most of the problems in trucking by using part of the old H.O.S rules. Back in the daY, Before the changes. I had no problem finding truck parking. Now most drivers are on a set scheadule, By this I mean, If you run out your 14 and take off ten, You start running about the same time everyday.

    Most, Not all shippers/recievers are not 24/7, but close around 4 or 5.

    The health issue of truckers is a direct result of the grab and go eating lifestyle. You used to be able to get a quality meal and have time to eat it. Truckstops no longer offer a sit down meal and I attribute that to the new trend of grab and go.

    This H.O.S. That has been forced upon us, Has us in a race, Yes, A time challenge. Everyone is in a big beat the clock.

    They may have manipulated us a bit, Because the brotherhood has been challenged. Most drivers wont stop to help out a brother because of the race against the clock.

    I like the re-set we got. Peronally I am not opposed to spending two days off. I do my re-sets at home,Those that have to re-set at a truck stop may object as would I if I had to do so.
  9. rigjockey

    rigjockey Token Canadian.

    Like before we had re-sets and just rolled over our hours and did our best to be out of hours by Friday
  10. Terry

    Terry Gear Grinding Jerk

    Say you are on Elogs... Something happens and you can't start your 34 reset until 1:01a... You just wasted a whole day... Because the law states: "...requiring the two nights include 1 a.m. to 5 a.m" that is literally 3 nights of sitting and doing nothing.
  11. Terry

    Terry Gear Grinding Jerk

    I regularly run out of hours. This company does long runs that require 600-650 mile days to reach the appt time. I run out of hours all the time and have to take a 34.

    But, I completely understand how Mr. Swift driver who is getting 2000 miles a week would never run out of hours. But for those of us who work for a living... We run out of hours fast... This is going to kill us... Especially if we aren't running paper.
  12. blackw900

    blackw900 Flatbedder For Life!

    Yes it is.....

    Many of us still do because we don't let ANYONE tell us that we can't stop and eat or shower or take care of our basic needs.

    You can still get a quality meal too....But most companies won't let their drivers go off route far enough to get to it and many drivers can't afford to buy it from what I've heard, Even if they could get to it!

    Crappy truck stops don't....But I won't buy fuel from one of those "Subway" havin' crap holes or the "Hot dog vendors" like Pilot or Loves.

    I ain't in no race! It'll get there when it gets there.....I'm usually on schedule or ahead of schedule but if they set an "impossible" deadline, I tell'em before I load that it's gonna get there when it gets there.

    And because they can be fired immediately by the bottom feeder that they work for because they stopped!
  13. Micabay

    Micabay Land Dweller

    It's quite possible to get 2800 miles a week working only on rollover. The weeks I get 2000 miles or less are usually a result of taking a unwanted 34 (780 mile pu fri del mon) or home time.
  14. blackw900

    blackw900 Flatbedder For Life!

    I love these hypothetical what ifs......I suppose under those circumstances you're ****ed!

    But what do you care? Your truck'll probably be in the shop for three days anyway.....:rolllaugh:
  15. rigjockey

    rigjockey Token Canadian.

    Well you ARE special!

    RACEFAN Space Truckin Supporter

    Let's see....
    8/6 = 460.4 miles
    8/5 = 580.8
    8/4 = 657.8
    8/3 = 572.1
    8/2 = 193.4 (shippers fault, ran my 14 out of hours sittin)
    8/1 = 613.5
    7/31 = 349.6

    So far, I would say that this Swifty IS workin for a livin.
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  17. blackw900

    blackw900 Flatbedder For Life!

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  18. Micabay

    Micabay Land Dweller

    Honestly how much more of a "danger" would it be to get rid of the 70 hours rule all together? I think it is the dumbest restriction we have.

    Keep the 11/14/10 and if you do work 17,19,23 hours on the dock or whatever, you still need 10 off before you can drive.
  19. Injun

    Injun Rabid Squaw Staff Member Supporter

    Swift drivers are encouraged to run 2,500 miles or more each week. I regularly ran 3,000 plus per week when I was OTR for Swift and never ran out of hours to roll. On this dedicated gig, I run out of hours all the time. But that's because every load I run has at least three stops and two drop/hooks on it. I use a lot more time On Duty, Not Driving than I ever did while OTR. But it pays better at the end of the week.

    The only way you would not have hours to run after taking a single day off is if you work and drive combined for 14 hours every one of five days in a row. I don't know of anyone who does that. So quit yer snivellin' and learn how to do the math. If you're on elogs, just quit yer snivellin'. The computer does all the math for you.

    As for the meal break, 30 minutes really isn't very long. You can get your food and then eat it while your truck is sitting still, and go water your weasel, suddenly, that half hour is gone. Part of the reason for this is to avoid possibilities of deep vein thrombosis. Look it up if you don't know what it is. The only reason I don't like this rule is it feels too much like micromanagement by the guv'mint to me. It will have no effect on my operation.

    One good thing to come out of this rulemaking session: it is now legal to log Off Duty while relaxing in your truck. You do not have to claim you're outside your truck anymore. You can use your driver seat as an easy chair, like many of us do, and log it Off Duty. Team operations...the team member not driving is allowed to log two hours off duty while the truck is in motion, on either side of a solid eight hours in the sleeper. In other words, it is now legal for the codriver who is on his rest period to sightsee and BS with the other driver. This rule actually makes sense.
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  20. Micabay

    Micabay Land Dweller

    If you sit for three nights and don't have hours rolling off... You are really busting your butt off.

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