hitch hiker gone wrong.

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  1. bigrobdog

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    was driving cross country it was kind of late just got done with dinner and my brother was a long for the ride for a few days .after eating at the truck stop was ready to roll a few more miles.but on the way out this relay nice clean cut guy says he needed a rid just up the road about fifty miles are so .i look at my brother to see what he thinks,me and my brother are both 6 foot 285 pounds and love to have a good time. so we fig er no problem.I'm a pretty nice guy,on the way to the truck i tell my brother to ride in the bunk so hes got my back, and when we git in the truck i tell the guy were to set and i tell hem he needs to put his bag back with my brother,he seemed a little nervous at first but then tells my brother to stay the f out of the bag we told him we wont get in it.so were rolling down the road and after a few minutes goes by by brother ask hay why so nervous whats in the bag ,and the guy gets really up set and yells none of your f ing business. we were like woo whats wrong with this guy.so after another 20 minutes i was like worried about what might be in there so i asked him and he tells me again none of your f ing business.and just up ahead i could see a rest area, i figer this is a good time to let this guy out so i pull over in the rest area and the guy tells me hes got to use the rest room, i figer at the same time while hes using the restroom ill just leave.so we tell him ok go head and go .he says hell be right back and tells us what ever we do we better not look in his bag me and my brother bouth agreed not to whle he was gon e .but as soon as that guy went to the restroom i drove that truck as fast as i could and diddnt stop for the next 200 miles.
  2. greybeard

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    So what was in the bag?
  3. bigrobdog

    bigrobdog Well-Known Member

    none of your F ing bussiness lol lol lol lol ha ha ha haha.thats funny ya.
  4. greybeard

    greybeard Well-Known Member

    Walked right into that, didnt I? :bonk:
  5. bigrobdog

    bigrobdog Well-Known Member

    im sorry but i thought it would be funny to put that joke as a story.that was pretty good .
  6. That was funny. Do they still hitch hike out there?? Sometimes I wanted to do it Like I use to I havent done it since 1995, And all the **** thats happen to me I feel like doing it again, What do you think???I have had some of the best times Just running and getting done the road.
  7. lunachic

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    And the moral of that story (joke) was ?

    ok can somebody come up with a ending..............
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  8. Its a old joke Have heard that one before,
  9. Kirkafied

    Kirkafied Member

    Used your story today in the truck with the other trainees. 2 out of 5 piped up what was in the BAG LMAO
  10. Racer X 69

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    I saw 6 people hitch hiking today in Montana on I 90 West bound. 4 different guys at different places and then a young couple hitching. My company has a no rider policy so I don't pick up hitch hikers.

    I might help out someone who is stranded if they were in need of a ride to get help, but other than that I run alone.
  11. mosesanderson

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    Ive seen a few around, I would much rather hitch hike at a truck stop than on the side of the road. there's a lot of effd up people out there now-a-days and truckers are a bit more friendly than them murderers.
  12. nightriderlisa

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    MAN there are a lot of people hitch hiking in Oregon. Just walking down I 5. I would pick up an occasional hitch hiker if Fed Ex didn't care... Moving packages is more important than moving people I reckon... If I had my own truck, I would for sure do it... I hitch hiked plenty in my other life... and had a blast...
  13. Southern Fried

    Southern Fried Well-Known Member

    I quit picking up hikers years ago; got cut pretty good by an attempted robbery. Fortunately I now drive hazmat tanker so it's a non-issue. Way too many crazies running loose these days.
  14. blackw900

    blackw900 Flatbedder For Life!

    They'll probably stink like hell anyway....****'em, Let'em walk!
  15. dmac

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    there are still hitchhikers out there, i had to do it myself, a month ago, from North Platte to Omaha. made it in 2 rides, the first got me to Odessa and the sapp brothers truck stop. the second took me from there to Omaha and dropped me off less than a mile from home. it was a guy delivering a brand new Mack from Portland to Toronto. truck still had plastic on the seats and that new car smell. And i didn't rob him, but i did buy him lunch at the truck stop in grand island.
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