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    Any truckers in Florida on the interstate from Tampa to Ocala

    DEBBIEFL33 Member

    It's a boring ride in the morning and afternoons after work. Maybe I'll see yall on my way home riding beside you. Honk if I put a smile on your face hahaha
  3. Injun

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    Cars that "ride" beside me for more than a mile or so have a pretty good chance of getting a ball-bearing in the windshield if they don't move on after a couple of warnings. I don't have a lot of patience for games and grabass on the highways.

    I might need that space you're occupying for a sudden lane change because you're not the only idiot on the road. You're just the idiot who has me boxed in.

    I normally don't get pissy with new members on this board. But what you're describing is not just stupid, it's dangerous. You are a menace. Stay away from trucks.
  4. dchawk81

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    I usually just put my turn signal on. It usually scares them if they're paying attention and they take off.
  5. Cargo Commando

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    Where did anyone say they were causing you problems? While I applause the "get away from me " mentality, being nice to the motoring public works best. I've been polite and signaled others over, stopped on a 2 lane to allow others to pass, and in return have had 4 wheelers realize I need to roll too. There are assholes, and those who understand. Bless them...
  6. Injun

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    There was another part to this conversation... See if I can find it.
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  8. Injun

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    That's the warning I was talking about.
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