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Discussion in 'New Truck Driver Questions' started by Trucker2012, Apr 21, 2012.

  1. What about the knuckles?
  2. Don't forget your taint haha
  3. Guys iam serious it's been 98 day will I pass my hair test
  4. Wear a wig
  5. There is only one way to find out.
  6. A: A hair drug test can only look back for as long as your hair is. After 90 days of growth, which is generally 1 1/2 inches of hair for most people, the drug metabolites in your hair tend to wash out. So in order to get the most accurate reading, hair labs will only look back 90 days. Theoretically, if your hair was down to your knees, which represented let's say 4 years of growth, they could look back four years, But once again, after 90 days of growth, a hair drug test can become inaccurate. Hair tests can not look back your whole life unless you never got a hair cut since the time you were born.
  7. Translation: shave your head bald.
  8. Ok thanks guys I think iam good because my hair is alway short and haven't smoked weed for about 98 days
  9. Then they get your pubic hair!
  10. Bleh. Nevermind.
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  11. Ah yes, the good old days in the early 70's. Riding around gettin stoned listening to Grateful Dead and drinking Strawberry Boone's Farm.
  12. Well the solution to that is also obvious.

    Then they move on to leg hair, chest hair, .. etc.

    Shave it all off & say you're gay. (The democrats have made it so they can't discriminate, remember??)
  13. How about don't use and you will never run into this problem and if you want to choose a different career.
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  14. But then this thread would never have blossomed to 93 posts.
  15. Give him a break, if you ever grew up in the 70's then you smoked it. Without pot I never would have eaten Twinkies, seen alien space ships and invented the internets.
  16. Hey have any body lease a truck before I want to know everything a bout leasing I might do that instead of being a company driver and I want to know if it would be good to lease a truck the first year I know you make good money when you lease but there a lot of **** you have to deal with if you can try to talk me out of leasing a truck the first year I need help deciding
  17. No. Not a good idea at this point.

    I've never leased a truck but I've seen it posted on here about a thousand times that most lease programs rip you off & leave you broke, and with the ones that ARE kind of fair to the driver, you still gotta know what you're doing and learn the industry & stuff first.

    Another thing to consider is that if you're in a "lease purchase" contract that has no ridiculous balloon payment at the end, you get to keep the truck after it's paid off. So if you're a rookie with no experience, it's better to tear up a company truck than one that's going to be your own eventually.

    When you're a rookie, you're more likely to grind gears. Not with every shift of course, but in those times when you have to slow down for a red light but the light turns green before you come to a full stop, and you've lost track of what gear to be in for the speed you're traveling, and you haven't quite learned that part yet, you're likely to grind the hell out of the gears if you select the wrong one. Even if you try not to abuse a truck, it still takes some experience to learn how to operate it without being hard on it.
  18. Hey Is Werner a good starter company iam about to put an app in so I can have a pre hire letter before I start school if you have any info on Werner please message me back I need to know because I start school on Monday steptember 17 at 7am
  19. It's been posted on here that Werner will trash your DAC report if you so much as call a recruiter.

    Getting a pre-hire, and then deciding not to go with them, might result in them saying you worked for them.
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