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Discussion in 'New Truck Driver Questions' started by Trucker2012, Apr 21, 2012.

  1. This is a very interesting thread/topic/situation, I have read all the posts. I do know drivers that drive with hearing aids but I also read that they will not work for your situation.Thats unforunate. I really can't offer any help/opinion, Now that I know hearing aids wont work.I am very interested in the outcome.Please continue tokeep us up to date.

    I would hope that if you can drive a car(and I'm not saying driving a car and truck are the same) That you could be able to drive a truck. I mean how much are people really hearing in their car with big blasting sterios or a benz with the window rolled up?
    How much do we really hear from outside of the truck with the engine noise, the stereo, the c.b. all going at the same time?

    Best of luck to you good Sir and I hope you get to realise your dream of driving the big trucks!
  2. Hey thanks giggles I read it and it said in one ear so I thank iam good man thanks for the website to I'll let you know if I pass my physical
  3. Hey thanks rig jockey
  4. I've never had a hearing test during my physical. Just the fact that the doctor and I are talking is the only test. I say just waltz in and get an exam. Don't say anything about your hearing and make sure you sit in the right direction!!! Good luck. I don't think you will have a problem
  5. Thanks skateboard
  6. Hey guys I got good news I called the flordia dot I told them about my hearing and he looked at the requirement and he said iam in the clear so I can do my dream job iam so happy now
  7. Right on dude. Hope everything goes well from here. Good luck on your venture.
  8. Thanks racefan
  9. No problem dude. From one noob to another...study hard and practice, practice, practice. Congrats.
  10. thats awesome....hope it is all you want....take care, be safe and keep us posted honey!!!!!!!
  11. I will giggles thanks
  12. Hey guys I have another question my mom boyfriend wants to teach me to drive his truck can he do that or do I have to go to a driving school or could I just have him train me to drive his truck and if I quite trucking with him will It be hard for me to find another because I don't have proof I got the training I needed so should I just go to a driving school
  13. I'd go with MBF and study the "pretrip" on line. Saves the $3, 4, 5, 10 grand a school is gonna charge ya. When in the USA... do like the Somalis' do!
  14. The pre trip is simple. Check and inspect everything. Do it over and over again and it becomes routine.I have got compliments on road tests for my pre-trip.Because most drivers forget after years, how to do a pre-trip. Just check and cover everything, Make it a routine.When I got my ticket to ride,I got dinged on only one thing.The Tester said I missed the drive shaft,I did check the drive shaft but the stepped away to talk to someone. I protested this and was told "you only got dinged on one thing"So had I not got dinged I would have got perfect and some trainers are not willing to give out perfects.

    I trained a guy, He was a good driver but his pre-trip sucked.The company gave me an overview before he got on my truck. I showed him the pre-trip once.I had him do it every morning at first he missed a few things and I would keep count and tell him what he missed. By the end of training he hit every thing.

    When he did his final road test,The Tester had a copy of the original raod test and all my daily reports. He did excellent on his final road test and the comment the tester made was."Your trainer must have done a number on you". I was hard on him.But he made the effort to improve.He wanted to do better everyday.He took it upon himself toget ti right.I was just there to help him along.
    I shared something with him thatMY trainer told me. If you do a good pre-trip then you already have the road testers confidence.Thats half the battle right there.
  15. Does anybody know about truck driver institute in Sanford flordia is it a good school or a bad school and are the instructor good with the students
  16. Hey guys I have a question about ffe trucking I heard a lot of good stuff about them and I need to know are they a good company for a student driver I want to go there because they have a good training program that's what I heard from drivers that drive for them if you have any info you can give please do
  17. Hey guys I have a question about the drug test the company's have I been clean for 98 day will I pass the hair test
  18. Number one, you have to have some hair!!! lol

    I don't think anyone does a hair test, just pee.
  19. Some companies have been doing hair tests lately.

    Shave your head, chest, back, eyebrows, ..... man-scape, .. LOL. Tell them you have alopecia & they can't discriminate.
  20. Don't forget your nose and ears too!!

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