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Discussion in 'CRST' started by cadidaddy, Apr 18, 2011.

  1. cadidaddy

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    I have a 8 month contract. My mom is having medical issues and i need to take care of her so i was going to find something local I could use my license for and I have only been there 2 months and the BS is unbelievable. I am starving, get no miles to drive and have a oportunity to work for a different company that treats there employees like they should. only reason I know they are a good company is my friend has worked for them for a few years. At first I didnt think the 8 months would be that bad but everything I am going through with my mom, have experienced and heard so far about CRST is scary. Can anyone tell me what happens if i quit and get a job with a different company. And is there any way out of this contract.
  2. snowflake

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    what does your contract say....explicitly.....?
  3. cadidaddy

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    it says if i leave i owe them around $4,000 but thats not what im worried about. i've heard so many different things from people like they will sue whoever hires me, they can keep my license from me a lot of different things. so i was hoping to talk to someone that has actually quit or knows someone that has and what happened to them. as far as the contract goes it says i will have to pay them back for the school they sent me to.
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    Sorry about your mom.I know exactly what you're going thru.My mom is in real bad shape.But my dad is here to care for her.He is'nt in the best shape either.Ask yourself this,what's more important right now your mom or fullfilling the 8 month contract?????????If it were me i'd talk to someone there and if they say there's no way you can get out of it then QUIT.I don't know what would happen because i've never signed a contract to anything and never will.But when it comes to your mother,she's FAR MORE IMPORTANT THEN A CONTRACT.I think if it's a school contract all they'll do is make you pay the difference depending when you quit.You don't think you're the only driver that has'nt fullfilled a contract do you??????????
  5. cadidaddy

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    ya i will quit when it gets to that point for sure. im not leased though i am under a 8 month contract they had me sign so that they would pay for my schooling. but i still need to work i have a wife kids and bills and just wanted a heads up on what is going to happen when i do quit so i can be prepared.
  6. patriciajnsn

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    Highly unlikely you'll lose you license.Talk to someone there today like right now then let us know exactly what he says.What's your co driver say that might happen?????????????????
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  8. bigyellowpete

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    Find someone to lend you the $4,00 grand, get released from your contract, and move on. Don't forget to pay back the $4k to whoever lent it to you.

    As far as them keeping your license goes, if they aren't the issuing body (the state DMV), then they have no right to withhold your license.

    Seeking independent legal counsel in regards to your contract may also be helpful.
  9. Road Dust

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    The worst thing that will happen is they will not verify you completed their cdl school. Also, many companies will not hire someone who is under contract with another company, and it will go on your credit report. It is only 8 months, I would seriously consider completing it. Is a leave of absence an option? Its always best to not burn your bridges. You won't lose your license but without verification of completing a cdl school, you will have to do it all over again.
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