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  1. Hello all. Want to post a quick Hello. Use to drive a long time ago but decided to take time off. Went back to CDL school and just finished two weeks ago and leave Sunday for orientation and training. Kids are all grown, hubby has a great career here so for now this will be my thing (which is OK with me) and my grandson is my world. I'm planning on extended regional with some OTR. Looking forward to just getting back into the trucking world and learning all the new changes.
    Truly enjoy the wealth of information and knowledge I have found on this site.
    Safe Travels!
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  2. rigjockey

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    Welcome! I hope everything works out for you.
  3. Thank You.
  4. Tazz

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    Wealth of information and knowledge.....@Mike will be so proud.:D

    The rest of us just know your trying to be nice:oops:
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  5. Well now jumping on and calling BS all over the forum wouldn't make a good impression now would it? I believe there is at least a week wait time before I earn that privilege ;). Seriously, I really have found a lot of great post, information and humor that made me want to register and post. I have snooped on a few other forums and this was the only one I decided to post to.
    Thanks for the Welcome :)
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  6. Keendriver

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    Welcome aboard.
    Just remember you signed up for anything that might come later......

    Seriously, the shenanigans can get outta hand....
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  7. After raising 3 teenagers and a husband, I can handle just about any shenanigans so I welcome the change :biglaugh:
    Thank You for the welcome :)
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  8. Tn. Truckers Wife

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    Welcome Grandma.. Nice to have you with us.. Good luck getting out there again..
  9. GAnthony

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  10. Thank You :)
  11. Mike

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