Heavy Metal Rockers Before They Were Stars

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    What is heavy metal? For some people, that topic that can generate more controversy than religion or quarterback Tim Tebow . Over the years, metal has split into more genres and subgenres than we have room to list here. Bottom line: We say you know heavy metal when you hear it. Now that that's settled, here are some pretty tame pics (and hair and clothing choices), that our friends at Snakkle.com dug up for us, of some of the heaviest rockers out there before they were music legends.

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    THEN: Alice Cooper Senior Year 1966 at Cortez High School, Phoenix, AZ. NOW: Alice Cooper, born Vincent Furnier in 1948, released his first album in 1969; his most recent effort, Welcome 2 My Nightmare, dropped on September 13, 2011. He also has a syndicated radio show, was recently inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, and still performs live. In a video on his website, Cooper said, “I will always be doing something in this business

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    Bob Saget?
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    Twin cousin.
    In another life, I dated a girl who was considerably older than me. She claimed to be a classmate of Cooper's. She said the only notable difference in him and the rest of the crowd was his appetite for Budweiser. He really drank a lot of beer for a high schooler. I can confirm she was from Phoenix, the rest is hearsay.
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    Oh yeah? Well I know the carpenter who made the exploding baseball bat that got Sammy "Corky" Sosa in trouble.
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