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    Use to drive for Heartland. What is amazing is the corporate mongers think they are premadonnas to experienced drivers. NOT!!! If you can't be suckered, they don't like you!!! As an example, if you sign up for regional driving only, the sore planners at corporate will intentionally pressure the dispatchers to dispatch a regional driver out of region. What this does is saves corporate money because of the lower pay rate per mile a regional driver receives. In essence, it takes money out of the pocket of system (OTR) drivers who would normally be dispatched at a higher rate of pay per mile.

    This is the normal practice of Heartland Express. If a regional driver refuses to drive out of region, corporate planners get their panties in a wad and will put the regional driver on the bottom of the list to be dispatched and the regional driver may have to wait (days sometimes) for a load. No Work..No Pay!!

    So, one of two things need to happen to Heartland Express and their money making scheme against the drivers: (1) Unionize the drivers. (2) Heartland needs to recruit new drivers out of driving school with no experience and with no idea of how to recognize corporate undermining.

    Heartland Express has one of the or if not the highest driver turnover rates of all trucking companies I know. Gee, I wonder why?? So, beware of the recruiting pitch that Heartland Express gives (Home time, benefits, etc.) NOT!!!

    P.S. Heartland has a idol policy that really sucks. Why you ask? Because if you like to sweat in 120 degrees during the summer or if you like to freeze during the cold months or if you like to drive a 60 MPH because you let your engine idol too long, join Heartland Express and enjoy the rest of those who have complained to a careless company.
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    Since this was a long time ago, how are they now? CPM, APU, Bene's, Etc?
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    It was only two years ago that this was posted. That isn't very long ago. As far as I can see, the trucks still do not have APU's.

    And the back door of the trailers still says .48 to .52 cents a mile.
  4. MustangLX

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    I put alot of this on the driver, at least during the time I was there. Many of the southeastern regional drivers were a bunch of spoiled , fair weather driving crybabies.

    They would gladly go out of region if it was somewhere they wanted to go(i.e. TX, OK etc.) but never north of the Mason-Dixon line unless they had a direct load back.

    Then once out of region they would refuse to go beyond the original load point that got them there, suddenly invoking their regional status. What would **** me off to no end was my inability to get a load from OH to ATL because "we need those loads to get the regional drivers home for the weekend". My response, to deaf ears of course, was "what the hell were they doing up there to start with?"

    Whenever I was in OH on a Friday, I could count on a Columbia MD load and then on up to NY/CT/NH/ME

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