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    So Paul, I asked a question, and still you have not replied.

    Would you be so kind as to address my questions?
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    Finally, some input from a Western Regional HE driver!! Cool!! I'm in the pre-hire mode for the Western Regional and yours is the first post I've seen from a driver out of the PHX terminal - on any of the 3 boards I read - you run the way I'm used to running, and I'm glad to see the miles you get are in line for the numbers I need.
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    Are Espar and Webasto heaters OEM heaters or are they installed by the company? I've never heard of them. I guess here in Alaska we are out of the loop. The 02 379 I drive has an extra heater mounted on the floor between the pedestal of the driver's seat and the left door. That extra heater, main heater, and bunk heater keep the cab warm at 40 below. But I'm not sure if these three heaters would keep the cab warm after several hours when the engine is idling at an indicated 110 degrees. With a little luck I'll never see that test.

    Is the 4 cents per mile a fixed bonus or does it vary as a fraction of your mileage rate?

    The reason that I ask is that I might move out of Alaska in the winter. The dark winters here are tough on my wife who has Alzheimer's. We'll probably end up around Spokane as our surviving daughter lives there. My preference would be somewhere south of Reno, NV. Since I'd go nuts if I didn't work, I figure that I might see if there's any work down that way for an old flatbedder.

    I have a 1440 sf house and 6 acres at and on Big Lake Alaska. It's probably worth $.5 MM but we'd sell for $.4MM. Know anybody who is hot to move up this way? The Prudhoe Bay and adjacent oilfields have at least ten years of work. By then Obama might be gone (can't tell as he flouts the Constitution and the other branches of government let him get away with such things as violating the establishment of secularism or Islam as the national religion) and then the oil companies can get to a heck of a lot more oil out of the ground up this way. Briefly we're seeing at least 10 years of very busy trucking with line drivers getting 2K miles/week. I think that most of us get $0.53/mile for running doubles (generally two 45' trailers for which one needs some sort of LCV certification currently issued by companies). The union guys get about a dime more per mile. But considering that running 34 wheels means that the trucks are consuming about 3 mpg, we get no fuel saving bonuses.

    Happy New Year!
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    It's either added by the company or specifically requested when they order the trucks. I think they're put in at the factory or dealer, actually.

    It's a little heater that runs on 12 volts and burns 1 pint per hour of taxed highway diesel (out of the truck's left tank) to heat the cab. Below 10 degrees they say to use jumper cables off the reefer unit as a battery charger to keep the truck's batteries up. But the other night I woke up and it was -7 outside, and my truck fired right up. (I pretended I had a "wait to start" diesel though, .. I put the key in the "run" position & waited a few seconds before hitting the starter. I find they start easier in the cold that way.) But it was probably around 50 degrees in the cab when I woke up.

    This truck has a variable fast idle.... I don't know how high I can set it but when warming up a cold engine I set it to 1000 or 1100 RPM, ... depending on where it happens to go to when I hit "resume" on the cruise. In 10 minutes when the truck's been sitting in subzero overnight, the coolant gauge shows almost 150 degrees. But it'll "never" get over 110 at regular idle. By "never" I mean I get too impatient and bump the idle up after about 30 minutes...

    I've been parked in the minus 40 crap in Fargo, ND before. What I did was idle the truck at about 900 RPM and put the front HVAC on def/floor with the fan speed at "1" and leave the rear HVAC off and use the Webasto instead. I had an empty trailer so I didn't run the reefer, but I used the jumper cables so the truck would keep it's battery up. The cab temp was a decent 65 or 70 or so when I woke up.

    It's a fixed bonus if you stay within their idling, overspeed and over RPM limits. I've never once not gotten my bonus due to over RPM but have had it reduced to 3 CPM for overspeed, and have totally blown it on idling in mid-summer before. That's the company's fuel bonus program, so if you're going to be flatbedding out west, it doesn't apply to you cuz we only pull reefers. We used to have a driver who lived in Spokane, but he died last year. Some inexplicable brain anu..anyer..... that thing where a blood clot in the brain kills you..... no idea how to spell it. He was only 54 yrs old too. .. Anyway when he drove for us, all he ever did was bounce back and forth between the west end of Iowa and the PNW. But after we got underbid and lost our contract with John Morrell Meats out of Sioux Falls, they SAID we hardly haul anything to the PNW any more, ... not so sure about that cuz they're stingy with the tire chains, .. their policy is we can only have them on the truck if we're taking a load west, then they want them dropped off at the yard when we get back. Well I went to swipe a couple of singles just in case I need 'em to get out of a parking lot and noticed that they don't have many chains, .. so I'm guessing either the drivers are violating company policy like I am, or we're hauling to the PNW again.
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    Heartland express is not worth it. There's no money and you get ripped off on miles. After txs and your food on road, you be better off to collect welfare and food stamps. People in office get a way much higher salary than you as a driver and are home everyday and all holidays. You don't get paid for any holidays during the yr, maybe 5 dollars. Go work for FedEx freight I run Local 25.65 an hr. Time n a half after 8 hrs a day, I start at 6am and finish at 4pm all 8 holidays paid 5 paid personal or sick days paid a yr or you can cash in. 10 yes with company I get 3 weeks paid vacation a yr. Cigna family medical hospitalization dental vision is 68 dollars a week for me wife and 2 children. Also 3 life ins. 401k matched at 6% also a portable pension paid by the company. My take home pay a week after txs deducted is 1,410.00 a week minus my taxes i take home 1200 every Friday. Home everyday and weekends off. Fedex freight night rd drivers go from Boston to newbrgh NY are home everyday and get paid 62cent per mile. And 25.65 drop and hook the doubles. 25.65 for hook . 25.65 for dropping them at hub and 25.65 dropping them at yard back home plus the 62cpm figure that at 2000 miles a week plus about384.00 dollars for dropnhookfor week. They make about 1650.00 weekly. FedEx freight is a true trucking company. HEART LAND EXPRESS IS GARBAGE MONEY. YOULL MAKE BETTER COLLECTING WELFARE THAN WORKING FOR THEM. AT LEAST YOUR HOME EVERYDAY AND MAKING MORE MONEY. HEART LAND EXPRESS COULNT PAY YOU MORE THAN WELFARE TRUST ME. AND THATS THE TRUTH.
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    Yes, and Fed-Ex pushes so hard the drivers end up doing stupid stuff like get on the freeway and immediately jump in from of fully loaded bullracks in the left lane going down a hill.

    My life is worth more than the roughly 10cpm gain.
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    Well I don't know about that. Maybe FedEx ground owner op. But FedEx express and FedEx freight is not like that. I've been driving 23 yes and my driving record is clean as a whistle. Probably things are better for me cause I am number 6 driver on the list at FedEx freight Boston terminal.
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    And besides you can't compare a company like heart land express to fedex cause the 2 major known transportation companys worldwide are UPS and FEDEX.
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    So how is it you are an authority on Heartland as you've been with FedEx for over a decade?
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    Well thats a lot of information who is telling the truth. I can tell you that in all my years working I fine that your attitude will make you or break you. I believe attitude is everything and the right one can take you a long way in life, I have a superior attitude not arrogant just a great attitude, and I could bet that if your a whiner always complaining about something it will work against you, but if you show a great attitude it will work for you, with more miles better trucks and better home time. Your experience with any company will be up to you.
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    My husband is a Heartland driver out of the Jacksonville terminal. He was happy at first....he had a great dispatcher who was always looking out for his drivers. He got plenty of miles and felt very supported and that he got the home time he was promised. Then, they sent his dispatcher to the planning office, and his new dispatcher "Brett" is a complete and total moron. Now, he gets loads and has them pulled upwards of 6 times a day. Overnight and weekend dispatch is a joke...he spends more time sitting than driving, which means he's basically spending time away from home for free. Just last night, he had to pick up something and take it to Tampa, so he goes on duty, drives over to the place for his pick up, only for the broad at the guard shack to tell him there is no such load. This is after sitting already for 20+ hours. So, he calls night dispatch, and they tell him they gave the load to someone else....even though it is still showing live on his PeopleNet. So he sends them a message saying if they were going to pull the load, they should have called him or messaged him, because he could have taken his 34 hour reset and had his whole 70 to work with this week and that it was very unprofessional of them to not do that. So what happens? His idiot dispatcher calls him up screaming at him about "badmouthing the company". Well, jacka$$, it would be hard to bad mouth the company if they actually treated their drivers like an asset instead of like disposable workhorses that they mistreat and underpay! He's lucky if he gets 2500 miles in a week....that usually takes some major ass kissing.
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    Their idle policy is ridiculous. It is based on outside temps. Hubby just went through about a month or two struggling with it, because the temps here in FL can be in the 70's, but because it's always sunny, it makes the inside of that big metal box get very warm. They're too cheap to invest in APU's. I swear, some of these trucking companies have forgotten who it is that makes their bread and butter. Without their drivers busting their humps and being away from their families all the time, they wouldn't be multimillionaires, now would they?
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    Gordon had APUs on their trucks. That might have changed when they merged with Heartland.

    Maybe he can request a different driver manager.
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    I don't know what they did with the Gordon trucks after they merged, but I don't think another driver manager is a possibility, or if it is, I can't imagine he hasn't already looked into it.
    He's been driving for almost 10 years now, for multiple companies. It would be so nice if he could find JUST ONE that doesn't use every trick in the book to short their drivers while lining their own pockets. Or that actually keeps the promises they make when their recruiters call. Just one....
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    Look im retired from army been to two other big name companies and definitely bar far best place for me..I was hesitant to go cause read idle policy no apus n how easy it is to be fired..so far none that I have seen then placing apus on trucks slowly but doing it and far as idle u can idle without stress if needed I been through this winter n only had to idle vary little cause the trucks have great heater n ac system with great battery packs with a auto idle button so u don't have to turn truck on n off truck does it for itself. ..so past post may be true but there oldest trucks are 2013 n those on way out...and low mileage on trucks cause they get rid them often n fast...but really as in any company u choose to drive for it comes down to two big factors as if u make miles n money n enjoy the job...1 yourself if ur willing to run n want to make money it's there to do so..sitting it happens rarely for me but I get detention always n never been denied it..even weather shutdowns I been paid for n didnt ask for it o was suprised with it..but that runs with part 2 of enjoying it here or anywhere is a good dispatcher..if he good at what he does n gives a F...about his drivers then ur going be alright..cause I never have issues I cant call him n get paid for n or fixed..don't judge any company off oppion of others just do research see of the have good csa scores n good equipment n then interview them dont just be interviewed by them..I'm happy I made jump n trust me im not office jockey or recuirter of any kind ill cuss u ill fight u im not easy guy to make happy but after two other companies plus a local gig this been best I've seen for myself and I run out chester va yard...hit me up ill answer any questions anyone has n no I don't care if u use me as someone that helped recruit u im just happy here n happy to help others..so there's no personal gain from this but just my oppion
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    I know youre not a recruiter,you spelled the word wrong,lol.Sometimes I spell it recritter,lol.Anyway good post.
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    Just left the company's Western Division (7/2016), all states west of I-25, and whereas the Gordon trucks may have been equipped with APUs, none of the trucks I drove/saw in PHX had the device. I must say though the ACs worked wonderfully...
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    I don't know if some body use their brand , for doing some idiot action like that ......:foreheadslap:
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    I would think a good driver could have finally found a decent enough company after 10 years.

    None of them are perfect though. People making bank are running their guts out.

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