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    Heartland Express Driver Review

    I have been driving with Heartland for two months and I will give you the good and the bad.

    The Good:
    >New Trucks
    >New Trailers
    >High advertised pay rate
    >You get to drop and hook alot

    The bad:
    >They will fire you for having any inverter or linear such as a fridge that plugs into your 12v accessory outlet.

    >The advertised pay rate is based on household movers miles which has a higher variance than randmcnally. My current average is 13% of miles I drive vs what I get paid. If you run 100k miles a year with them 13k will be for free.

    >I have never been to prison but I think they would have better shower facilities than Heartland. This is true for all terminals I have been to. I can't testify for the Iowa terminal because that's the only one I haven't been to.

    >You don't set your hometime they do. You could be 25 miles from the house, have been out 2 weeks, and they will make you wait to go home.

    >Your only going to average 1800-2000 miles a week. This wouldn't be so bad if you were being paid on practicle miles but your not.

    >You will be sitting alot and have to pull teeth to get lay over pay.

    >Driver grievances are readily available conversation in any lounge you go in. The main complaint isn't miles or pay. The problems I hear drivers talking about is the lack of support and their concerns are dismissed over home time issues. Many of them feel the company doesn't care.

    >I met a driver at a truckstop and he said he applied but they wouldn't take him because he was fat. I thought yeah right but then I realized. They don't send you on a physical. You're required to have your dot card and long form. Before you can even go to orientation (which your not paid for) you have to send the long form to the recruiter. I then realized the long form has your hieght and wieght. I haven't seen an overwieght person at heartland since I've been there. His claim could be truthful.

    >I left a company I was with for 5 years because I thought I would be giving myself a .07cpm pay raise. You would think since Heartland only hires experienced drivers with perfect driving records they would make as much an effort trying to keep drivers as they do with recruiting them. Coming onto Heartland was a mistake.

    I just wish companies would start to understand we sacrifice time away from our families to promote thier brand. We don't expect special treatment but we do expect fair treatment. If anyone knows of a truly exceptional company please let me know.
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  2. boone315

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    The complaints sound the same with most every big company, the same complaints now as in the early '90's,
  3. SweetDaddy

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    Let's see perfect or near perfect BMI

    Insurance premiums are much lower

    And gearing up for the bigg new war the federal gubbmint
    is about too launch on fatties thru bigg companies like mine and yours

    I got my DOT ReCertification

    The doctor treated me like I was Bin Laden or Something cause of my weight
    iam I fat yes

    So effing what does that have too do with ones ability too safely an legally
    perform the duties of the job

    It doesn't its just about utopianism power an control period

    And the low miles

    That is even easier they do that too keep overhead low
    and reduce deadhead miles

    And fattn up that bottom line on the P/L Reports
  4. SweetDaddy

    SweetDaddy Well-Known Member

    Once I found out you can't or shouldn't idle your truck with them

    I said oh no eff that....never will someone tell me I need too sweat or freeze

    I had enough of that chitt in construction an factory work

    This vehicle will be properly maintained just like the terminal offices are

    If they want me too shut off the truck its gotta have apu/batteries or something

    Cause it ain't happening if it stuffy in here its over

    Like the otherday on here somebody said something about

    Its our fault I went completely off an over the deep end about idling

    and they said TMC you can't even idle noway wouldn't ever work

    For that reason alone
  5. TruckerPaul

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    joemi777, funny how you just became a member today and posted this. Your message is written like you are a recruiter from another carrier trying to bad mouth Heartland.

    Let me tell you, I have been at Heartland for over 15 years, and you are not portraying a good picture of what the company is really like.

    You say Heartland pays the most rate per miles (Which is true) but it is not good because they pay according to Rand McNally miles. You can make whatever argument you want, but bottom line is that drivers make damn good money at Heartland, working less hard to get it than many at other companies. I made over $64,000 last year as a system driver and got home at least every other week. There are other drivers that make more than I do at Heartland. There are drivers at Heartland that get home every week if they want to. I personally like to drive around 2600 miles a week and get home every other week myself as a system driver.

    Most drivers at Heartland like it there a lot, have worked at other companies and will attest to Heartland Express. It isn't right for everybody. Like you said they are strict on their hiring and require experienced drivers only. It is more a place where drivers go once they have worked in the industry a bit. I have not seen any other company where so many drivers have been there for so many years. If you really want to know what Heartland drivers are saying go to their facebook page. They are a community of good people.
  6. Duck

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    Ok so now we're gonna have a "war of the recruiters", LOL. :popcorn:

    No, he said they do NOT pay Rand McNally miles. He said they pay HHG (HouseHold movers guide) which is "short miles". They pay you for the shortest possible route from city limits to city limits. Some trucking companies have been successfully hit with class action suits for that, because unless the truck actually goes that route, it's fraud plain & simple.

    Yeah, that's brilliant. Facebook. Where everybody uses their real name, so the corporate fat-cats know who you are. Yeah, .. if I've got a grievance with the company, I'm gonna go on Facebook and post about it using my real name. (especially when the page manager can delete comments he doesn't like)
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  7. TruckerPaul

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    Rubber Duck, I'm too old for all this back and forth. I just wanted to say my piece in response to the anonymous "joemi7777777777". I have to say that I do like your popcorn smiley. That's good stuff :)
  8. Duck

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    It's even better with parmesan and garlic salt mixed in with the butter.

    View attachment 16684
    View attachment 16684
  9. Mike

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    How do you find the time to earn $64,000 driving for this company, while still keeping the seat warm at your recruiter's desk? Honesty just isn't a recruiters best quality, is it?
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  10. Racer X 69

    Racer X 69 Member

    Too many "7"'s Paul.
  11. SweetDaddy

    SweetDaddy Well-Known Member

    I like this I have actually talked too more than 3 Heartland Xpress wheel holders in me
    shorttime I've been on the road

    And none of said anything resembling anything close too 2600 m/wk

    Now that's funny right there I don't care who you are
  12. Duck

    Duck Quack Supporter

    I know an old skinny white-haired guy who used to drive for them. I'm not sure how long ago, probably at least 5 years. But he said he liked it and would go back there if it wasn't for the fact he's got a better job now, running regional, home just about every day. He's the only Heartland driver I've ever talked to.
  13. SweetDaddy

    SweetDaddy Well-Known Member

    Oh yes they do prolly pay the best

    Iam just saying the fellas I talked too said more like 2,000 to 2,200 tops which
    Is fine if your gettn paid 50 plus cent an 95 cent in the green zone

    The idle thing is what gets me ...me a fatt boy I gotta have AC n
  14. TruckerPaul

    TruckerPaul New Member

    I'm not trying to recruit anyone, but I will set facts straight when I see inaccuracies. When it comes to miles there are all kinds of different driving jobs within Heartland. There are people doing 2600++ miles running system if we want to, and there are people only doing 1700 miles but getting paid 1000 a week salary and not paid by the mile, it depends on what youre signed up for. It depends on who you talk to and the job they have. Point is, this isn't a company you're going to starve at or get ripped off. It is an honest paycheck weekly that never fails. I have seen that outsiders love to slam on them, but if they only knew how good a company it really is. The idle thing - when it gets above 71 degrees you idle. If you feel the need to run the A/C when it is 69 degrees out, then no, this won't work for you. My point on the facebook thing was just that there is a lot of good positive interaction and not a lot of b.s. ok, time for everyone to attack every sentence of what I said now. But dont knock me for doing what I love.
  15. notarps4me

    notarps4me Shy and Quiet.

    Did they ever break down and get arm rests for the drivers?
  16. Racer X 69

    Racer X 69 Member

    About the idle thing.

    Why doesn't Heartland catch up with the rest of the world and outfit the trucks with APU's?

    And the OP also mentioned the prohibition of inverters. He is not the first person I have heard this from. With so many truck stops eliminating restaurants in favor of fast food joints, and access to decent meals out of reach for truck drivers, why doesn't Heartland have trucks with refrigerators in them? Why doesn't Heartland allow 110volt inverters so drivers can have a microwave, and be able to keep and prepare decent meals in the truck?
  17. Duck

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    When it's 69 degrees outside, it'll be 80-90 degrees inside a truck if it's parked in the sun, even with the windows down letting all the bugs and diesel exhaust into the cab.

    When will the "college boys" running these companies ever realize this? Don't they notice that when they leave their air conditioned offices at 5PM to go home to their families, it's hot as hell inside their cars even if they've left their windows open a bit?
  18. TruckerPaul

    TruckerPaul New Member

    It was changed to read the temp inside the truck, not the temp outside. apparently they agree with you.
  19. Duck

    Duck Quack Supporter

    Well that's good info.

    The only temperature-based idle policies I've ever heard of are based on outside temp.

    However, ... suppose it's 75 degrees inside the cab, and you fire up the truck and the air conditioner brings the inside temp down below 71. Then what?

    What if it's above 71, you start the truck and fall asleep, and when you wake up 8 hours later, the temperature outside has dropped because it's dark?

    There's lots of technicalities like that, that would have to be answered. Maybe you can fill us in with the details.

    With trucks not equipped with an APU, a company's idling policy is a major factor in a driver's decision whether to apply at a particular company. Most of us simply will not sleep in a hot cab. I know I won't. Nobody's going to expect me to sleep in a puddle of sweat and then think I'm going to be alert and awake enough to drive the next day.

    The company I drive for has no APU's either, and their parameters for idling aren't based on the temperature. We have Espar & Webasto heaters in the cabs for winter. So in those months, we're limited to 10%. In the spring/fall months, it's 20% I think, and in the hot summer months, I think it's 30 or 35%. (They just changed it recently) If we idle too much, we don't get in trouble. We just don't get our 4 CPM bonus.

    Every once in a while, if they see that a driver is simply never turning off the truck, and he's at 50% idle or something, they'll call him and start nagging but I've never heard of a guy getting fired over it.
  20. Mjoe58

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    I am based out of the PHX terminal. Drivers who choose to be home every weekend run approx
    1800 mi per week. They ask you every Monday if you want to work the following weekend.

    I prefer to stay out three and be home on the fourth. Averaging 2500-2900 miles a wk, new equip and competitive pay. Truck governed at 62 mph. Can idle when needed. Was told in could get 64 mph if I kept idle down to less than %25 but too hot for that

    Been driving 25 years, this is the 4th company I have worked for. Good enough to retire here.
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