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Discussion in 'Owner Operators' started by Cabtom68, Jun 8, 2017.

  1. Cabtom68

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    I need help been trying to get insurance for almost two weeks now and still nuthing I give the insurance companies my info they say they will call me ba k and never do what could be the problem,can anyone help I habe to get this truck paid for ,,the finance company won't pay it till they see I have liability and physical damage ,,I'm out of options Don't know what else to do I have gave my info too like 20 different truck insurance companies and nuthing help please
  2. mndriver

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    helps to know where you are at.

    are you leased on with someone?
  3. Cabtom68

    Cabtom68 Member

    No not leased got my own authority recently and I'm in nyc
  4. mndriver

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  5. Cabtom68

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    Ok thanks appreciate it
  6. DrDaliah

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    Let us know what happened. In my neck of the woods we use a company that take a cross section of all possililities and I've never heard of them come up with nothing on their analysis. However, contacting the companies indivudally may allow them to reject you or maybe the particular staff person is lazy and doesn't want to convey the message. Insurance companies don't make money any more so they won't bend over backwards trying to insure us unless we are super young and 100% healthy.
  7. Bored Insane

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    I agree with the Doc, I'd look for local insurance agent. They work for commission from the insurance company and thus 'willing' to help you get covered.

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