Halton region truck inspection blitz. Another appease the public event

Discussion in 'Canadian Trucking' started by rigjockey, Oct 5, 2016.

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    Yes trucks need to be inspected,, No doubt!
    The method of a blitz is ludicrous! Cameras and media attention, Hey look we are doing something.
    Hey if you, The inspectors were doing your job in the first ****ing place, The public would feel safe 24/7/365 and there would be no need for a blitz.

    No this just makes me furious! Halton is a region, Like a county. They should have no right to stop, inspect or never even mentally masturbate to the thought of stopping a truck .

    Municipal LEO over reach at it's finest:thefinger:
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    Could it be we have the image of real life Canadian?

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