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Discussion in 'Truck Repair Shops' started by Gypsy1973, Dec 16, 2011.

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    I used to work for this guy, but I'm a driver, not a mechanic.
    The shop has no name, it's attached to Chemical South.
    It's owned by Mike Peterson.
    He can be a real SOB.
    Nothing is going to leave his shop if it isn't right.
    He charges about $10.00/hour less than other area shops.
    Real hours, not book.
    I drove a company truck, and we used a different shop. They replaced the front seal in my engine, two hundred miles later my AC quit working. The mechanic had forgotten to tighten the bolts for the compressor. They fell out. I got permission to take the truck to Mike, his mechanic replaced the bolts. Checked the bolts holding the front cover on. Loose. Fan hub. Loose. Mike's mechanic tightened everything up.
    He billed my company for 15 minutes plus the AC bolts.
    I became the only driver with that company who had permission to take his truck to Mike instead of our usual shop.
    When we were looking for another shop, the owner called him. He said that he didn't have the capacity to maintain a fleet.
    I asked him why he didn't expand, and he told me that he couldn't find enough mechanics who would work to his standards.
    Like I said, he can be a real SOB. Retired First Sergeant style SOB.
    But he's got a great shop.
    And he always has room for an O/O with a problem. Especially veterans.
    He does road calls as well.
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    Feel free to put up his #. We can always use useful info like that.
  3. Gypsy1973

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    MIKE PETERSON, Director of Maintenance & Safety

    912-966-1000 - Office
    912-313-3268 - Mobile

    His photo is here, third one down:
    Looks like a real nice guy, right?
    He usually is, in fact.

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