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Good or bad???

Discussion in 'US Xpress' started by Menehune, Feb 13, 2012.

  1. The only other post appears to be a recruitment post. Therefore, I must ask------Is this company god, bad. or just a starter?
  2. Well I hardly think they're GOD, ... LOL. (yeah, I know, ... typo, ... but a funny one, LOL)

    Hopefully someone will come along and answer your question though. I've seem them on the road but never heard anything about them.
  3. yes, I have also seen them on the road. But, I dont know whether they are good , bad , or indifferent. Havent had the good fortune to have met any of their drivers to see what they have to say. So I shall await my amswer.
  4. Also wondering as to their reputation. Seems to be one of the few where a CDL-A is enough of a requirement.(As opposed to needing 2 yrs recent exp.)
    Anyone know anything about these guys?
  5. They are under the umbrella of US Xpress, just so you are aware. While they may still have their own name, there is now a constantly increasing number of US Xpress trucks pulling Arnold trailers.


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