Georgia Pacific really sucks

Discussion in 'Shipper and Receiver Reviews' started by TexasFrank, Feb 5, 2016.

  1. TexasFrank

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    This relates to Sweetwater, TX, and Acme (Quanah), TX, locations. These shippers will keep you waiting at least 3 hours to load. They will screw up your clock every time. They are slow and don't seem to care about anything. You will see 3 times as many employees driving around in golf carts
    as you will loading trucks. Avoid if at all possible.
  2. Injun

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    Three hours? That's all?
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  3. patriciajnsn

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    you tell people to avoid this place,what about you?why are you picking up from there?tell dispatch to give that load to someone else.three hrs of waiting is ok sometimes,thats all part of trucking but it should not be made into a habit day in day out.
  4. Mike

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    GP seems to suck like that everywhere. They can be a day behind on what is supposed to be a preload, and nobody there cares, nor do they seem to want to let anybody know. I lived about 40 miles from one of their plants and used them for my load out of the house on a regular basis.

    Didn't take me long to get their phone number so I could call from my house to see if the load was ready. If it wasn't ready, the best information I could get from this is whether the trailer to be loaded had been put in a door or not. My next call was to my company to let them know it wasn't ready, there was no ETA as to when it would be ready, and that I would check back in with them the next day to see if they got it done yet.
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  5. rigjockey

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    I am surprised shippers get away with not having pre-loads ready and not getting charge for demurrage.

    Maybe if they where charged demurrage they would get their act together. Even the threat of demurrage. should help things along. and more drivers would use the word demurrage in their everyday vocabulary.

    I know I would like to say demurrage a lot more than I do now.

    And that was the point of this post, So I could use the word demurrage!

    Thank You!:thumbsup:
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  6. Tazz

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    Don't know about demurrage, but I can say stick the load up your .....that seems to get the point across ;)
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