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Discussion in 'Peterbilt' started by 99 pete379, Aug 15, 2012.

  1. 99 pete379

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    On my 99 pete my fuel is returning to my left tank once in a while from the right tank so I clean the vents and it helped for 2 days then it started to do it again. So I closed my left tank off from the suction side and ran on my right tank I noticed my fuel pressure gauge was bouncing around from 75 to 50. Psi. But my fuel started to return again. I don't know if I have a collapse fuel line or what it could be.
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    If they are the original lines, that may well be your problem. They tend to swell up after a while. I just replaced mine on my 2000 Pete earlier this year.
  3. 99 pete379

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    Thanks. Yeah there the original lines ill switch them out. Do you know what size the suction and return lines are. Do you think it will be ok to use a brass tee instead of the aluminum spilter.
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    Sorry for the late reply.

    Not sure what the diameter of the lines was any more. I'd have to look at the invoice, which isn't where I am. I re-used the old splitter on mine, so I'm not sure about the brass T idea either. Not sure if fuel reacts badly to brass or not. I can tell you that I left the old lines in place though, and just routed and secured the new ones alongside the old as I couldn't see fighting to remove the old and get the same placement with the new. Probably saved a couple hours of time doing it that way as well.
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    There is a small distribution valve mounted on the cross member between the tanks. Replace this and it will balance correctly. You do not have to replace the whole valve, just the distribution part. Peterbilt can do the whole thing for about $160, we had one done on one of our trucks at Peterbilt Sioux Falls South Dakota. Price should be comparable at all shops
  6. 99 pete379

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    ok thanks

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