Former trucker fined $1,380 for drinking behind the wheel

Discussion in 'Trucking Industry News' started by Cybergal, Aug 11, 2009.

  1. Cybergal

    Cybergal Well-Known Member

    Former trucker fined $1,380 for drinking behind the wheel
  2. misterbreeze

    misterbreeze Well-Known Member

    Death wish? And not neccessarily his own.
  3. 1unclejojo

    1unclejojo Active Member

    is that all he was fined?
    I don't think he would want me to be the judge of his fate
  4. lunachic

    lunachic BITE ME !

    smack on the hand...and a bad boy.
    Damn they get off light.................
  5. Beechvtail

    Beechvtail Well-Known Member

    He said his client had a drinking problem about 20 years ago, and on July 10 he suffered an isolated relapse.

    So I see the random alcohol testing is working just fine.

    Who else knew this clown was driving drunk? Hard to believe no one knew.
  6. 2xR

    2xR ******* Derelict ******* Supporter

    During the beginning of my driving career, in the early '80s, the training consisted of being a member of a sleeper team. I was teamed with a "senior" driver who taught me a lot (hell, about everything), and we got along well while making more money than I'd ever made.

    Then one day the boss says that he has a "trouble" team that he wanted to split up, for a while. My partner, and, I were busted up. He got to go with the junior driver, and, I got the ol' timer. The boss would never say what the problem was, just that the team had to be split if everyone was going to get to keep their job. I assumed it was the junior driver, since they put my senior driver with him.

    All went well for about two weeks. Then one afternoon, my nap was interrupted by the truck not moving. When I poked my head out of the bunk I saw we were parked at one of those Maryland crab house restaurant and bars on US 301. Okay that's cool, I like crabs, too. As I start to crawl out of the bunk, I saw a six-pack of empties under the driver's seat. Oh shiat!! I get my shoes on, take the truck keys, and stroll inside to confront this jerk. He's not in the restaurant, he's in the bar getting really juiced. When he looked up and saw me, I jingled the keys, then went straight to the phone booth (this is before cell phones for all you young uns) and called the boss. The boss agreed with my assessment and the last time I saw that ol' timer he was staring into a glass of booze. I left his sorry arse there, and, didn't bother saying adios.

    Hell-o, I get nervous just having a cold one at a restaurant, then going to take my nap in the truck. I figure if Swifty crashes into me while I'm parked, somehow, the beer in my belly will come to haunt me, and the bad karma of ratting out my co-driver will finally hit me.

    Booze and trucks just don't blend very well.
  7. misterbreeze

    misterbreeze Well-Known Member

    Obviously the reason they split them up. If he was warned and still imbibed, you did the right thing.
  8. patriciajnsn

    patriciajnsn Steering Wheel Holder

    I dont blame u mr breeze some drivers are brave to be walking to their truck with alcohol alot of drivers get caught from from somebody seeing u carrying it i havent drank in yrs but if i was to stop at a bar it would be while on hometime
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  9. Sinister

    Sinister Smartass Emeritus Supporter

    A guy in the bunk with alcohol in his system is not indicative that he has been driving drunk.


    They CANNOT govern my off time.

    Come on people. Wake up.
  10. Mike

    Mike Well-Known Member Staff Member

    I am not positive on the rule, but I don't know of any law against having alcohol in the bunk.
  11. Roadmedic

    Roadmedic Well-Known Member

    This is where it gets interesting.

    The area of the bunk is still classified as in the commercial vehicle.

    You are allowed to take the sleeper berth on the line 2 of the log book if the commercial vehicle you are driving has a qualified sleeper. Therefore, the bunk is part of the commercial vehicle.

    The company will also determine this to be in the commercial vehicle as well.
  12. 2xR

    2xR ******* Derelict ******* Supporter

    Agreed. Common sense would dictate that your "off time" is just that, off time, and, if a person wants to get juiced during their off duty time they should be allowed to do so. No questions asked.

    From my personal viewpoint, when I'm out, working in the truck, I'm never completely "off duty". One never knows when an incident, not of your on making, will require some action to remedy whatever the problem might be. What if there is a flood and the truck needs to be moved to higher ground, quickly? What if there is an accident, close by, and the truck needs to be moved out of harms way, quickly? I could "what if" you to death, but, you get my point. There is always the chance that I may need to do something to preserve, or, protect the truck and load, and, I'm not willing to take the risk that being inebriated might impair me from doing so.

    Until I walk in the door of my home, I'm gonna' be stone cold sober. That's just me. This is an attitude I "grew" into. Hasn't always been that way. I have war stories.
  13. misterbreeze

    misterbreeze Well-Known Member

    If you are in your tractor/sleeper you are cosidered to be in control of said vehicle. Therefore you must not be under the influence of anything that might impair your ability to operate that vehicle safely. I dont think you can even transport alcohol in a tractor.
  14. lunachic

    lunachic BITE ME !

    Can't in the tractor, side box's or even in the trailer. Unless it's on your bills.
    And it is wrong. When your off and parked the sleeper is your home(of sort).
    I don't think all States are as hard on ya, Some smaller truckstops in the midwest still sell beer.

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