Food Safety Modernization Act

Discussion in 'Refrigerated Trucking' started by ironpony, Mar 31, 2017.

  1. Sinister

    Sinister Smartass Emeritus Supporter

    You would think with the packaging industry in this country wrapping everything in vacuum sealed craziness, further steps wouldn't be all that necessary.
  2. rigjockey

    rigjockey Token Canadian.

    Damn! That would be a good user name for the TF:biglaugh:
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  3. mosinee dave

    mosinee dave Well-Known Member

    Just a bunch of Washington beurowcrats trying to solve a problem that was not there.
  4. Injun

    Injun Rabid Squaw Staff Member Supporter

    If you'd seen half of what I have, you wouldn't think that. Drivers turning the cooling unit off to save fuel or because they don't want to hear it....and times I've been in line for a washout and walked past somenbody's trailer that dripped blood and goo out the back with a stench that literally made me vomit...and I don't have a soft stomach.

    The stuff they haul goes on my table and they're not smart enough to maintain a safe temperature or cleanliness level. I, personally, don't think this goes far enough. Operators should be heavily fined if they deliver a poorly maintained load and go to jail if somebody gets sick because of their negligence.
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  5. mndriver

    mndriver curmudgeon extraordinare Staff Member Supporter

    It's not just carriers.

    I have gotten my ass in a ringer for rejecting a load on the dock. You could SEE that it had been thawing for some time and the cardboard was disintegrating from the moisture. Talk about a nightmare. I refused to let it go on my truck.

    I've seen the same results at receivers as well. Frozen food going onto 80*+ docks.

    Had brokers BEG me to take a load of chemicals for them. "Dude, would you put it in YOUR refrigerator with the food you have to eat for supper?" "Uh, no I wouldn't."......

    Then what makes you think that **** should go on MY truck.

    You want to haul food, I think it needs to be in a trailer 8 years or newer.

    considering using something like this in the coming time.
  6. Injun

    Injun Rabid Squaw Staff Member Supporter

    Most of the loads I haul into the DC have tempa-tattlers in them.
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  7. mndriver

    mndriver curmudgeon extraordinare Staff Member Supporter

    I'm looking at getting them. I can find some single use stuff. But looking for more constant cold chain management purpose.

    It's going to come down to providing additional services for little or nothing.

    Location and temp tracking seem to be on everyone's focus.
  8. ironpony

    ironpony Well-Known Member Supporter

    We already do that... switched from reporting to the cab to satellite tracking because of the intermodal units. Shippers still put temp monitors in the trailers, but the satellite gizmo reports mode, temperature and hardware faults back to the dispatch computer system. We get automated messages from the computer via the AC terminal when it figures something is AFU.

    Really annoying when the dang computer is the part that's AFU.


    Really handy when something stupid is broke, and they can download a setting change to bypass the mechanical moronic idioticy.
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  9. mndriver

    mndriver curmudgeon extraordinare Staff Member Supporter

    Yeop. And because one company might provide it, or a shipper/customer demands it, they are making it mandatory across the board.
  10. ironpony

    ironpony Well-Known Member Supporter

    Natch... heard mentality to th' max.
  11. mndriver

    mndriver curmudgeon extraordinare Staff Member Supporter

    Don't do it though, you won't get any freight to haul. It will be your undoing.
  12. ironpony

    ironpony Well-Known Member Supporter

    I'm doomed! :eek:

  13. rigjockey

    rigjockey Token Canadian.

    The warehouse for the plant puts in those tattlers and a GPS thingy for the pharmaceutical loads. They need to maintain temp and they are expensive and also high value loads.
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  14. Duck

    Duck Quack Supporter

    What if your trailer was only a 45 footer... How many loads would you get?

    You can't haul for Tyson or Sysco without a link between the carrier's Qualcomm and their "traffic" offices. When you arrive at receiver and send that arrival message to Prime, Tyson gets it too. And your daily check calls if you actually bother to send them. (I don't).

    Get with the newest nerd tech or get left behind, whether you like it or not. Basically what MN is saying. Predicting the temp tracking will eventually be an industry requirement like 53', 13'6" trailers even if not government mandated.
  15. ironpony

    ironpony Well-Known Member Supporter

    Lots! The shippers would be awesome by my audacity.



    What part of the stone age are you stuck in anyway?

    As I recall, the only truck you've driven recently is a mufflerless 4 wheeler. Or are you gainfully employed of late?

    OK dad. :thefinger::thefinger:
  16. Duck

    Duck Quack Supporter

    Yep. ;)
  17. ironpony

    ironpony Well-Known Member Supporter

    Got a job driving fer CRE, huh? :toothpick:
  18. Duck

    Duck Quack Supporter

    Yep. I'm an independent contractor. Own my own trucking business. All I had to do was go to Utah and sign on the dotted line. I'm going to be rich. In 5 years I'm going to buy out Swift. :)
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  19. Brian Junior

    Brian Junior Active Member

    As for me - I always shut the unit down while loaded/unloaded. Except the client asks me to keep it turned on.
    Yep it is a bit of fuel waste. And yes sometimes it is better for the load if the unit is turned off.
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  20. Brian Junior

    Brian Junior Active Member

    Worked with the sensors twice - it helped to fix a problem in my trailers insulation.
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