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Discussion in 'General Trucking Discussion' started by bfry381, Jul 29, 2012.

  1. I know I have kinda asked this question before, but in your guys opinion from what you have drove what did the best on fuel mileage? Also what was it 9 speed, 10 speed, super 10, 13 speed etc... I have heard Detroits do really well on fuel. I'm only hauling containers so I don't need a whole lot of power maybe only 350-400. The most weight I have hauled in my trailer was 44,000. I just was wondering about the variations I have heard cummins is great and bad so just trying to get some ideas here. I have a 89 Peterbilt right now with a 3406b cat engine and it's eating me alive in fuel. Thanks again everyone!
  2. If its paid for, shut up and drive it. LOL

    Kidding, but if you want fuel economy go for a Detroit. I have a 3406E @ 550, and it gets about 4.5 - 5 MPG. I do a lot of short runs and idling, my cummins' will get 5 - 5.5, but they aren't at 550 horse either.

    It dosen't matter what you get -- they will always break down too much, cost too much to repair and use too damn much fuel. Pick your poison, I really don't think you could go wrong with a 3406, N14, or a 12.7 DD.

    How far are you driving? Lots of stop and go? If you are doing lots of stop and go, a 9 or 10 speed would be fine. Depends a lot on the gearing of the truck/transmission how your fuel economy could be. Theres lots of guys here with way more experience than myself, thats just my .02.
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  3. I think your question requires more. Detroit is a good engine, but you must have a calculation of the gearbox, rear axle, the diameter of the tires. It makes sense to driving style, too.
  4. Actually you did ask this question before, and it stimulated considerable discussion.

    79 replies and 2,609 views, so far.

    Guess we didn't cover it all there.
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  5. Well, kinda hoping my new truck I pick up Friday, will get into the 8's on a regular basis.

    2013 Columbia, factory remanned pre-emission DDEC IV 500 hp Series 60 12.7, Eaton 18 speed tied to 2.64 rears (idea is to run in direct drive 16th at road speed which is more efficient), wide based 22.5 drive rubber. Now... the engine has a ported/coated exhaust manifold, the wastegate turbo got sent back to the parts bin and we put on a Borg Warner 171702 non wastegated turbo with a turbo blanket, we put Walker megaflow mufflers on the stacks, and it will also get a Fleet Air filter on the intake. After breaking in and doing the overhead at 60,000 miles, the ECM will be reprogrammed.
  6. Why would you believe direct drive to be more efficient than overdrive?
  7. Thanks again everyone! Also thank you colohayhauler makes sense. I know I need to get my fuel turned down in my semi. It smokes like crazy even when I'm just bob tailen it smokes like a freight train! I mean I'm talking like it looks like it's on fire! So I know that is killing my fuel big time. I'm going to try and get it turned down this weekend. Thanks again though everyone I appreciate it. I run all of Ohio right now. I'm still putting on 300-500 miles a day though. I think the next truck I buy I will get a n-14 cummins, or a Detroit.
  8. Probably because the head engineer for Eaton stated at the 2011 MATS that direct is 3% more efficient than overdrive. He even stated that running in direct, even the need for a transmisson cooler would be greatly reduced. Trans would run that much cooler. I am not sure if what Bruce Malinson of Pitts Power states is totally accurate and it might be a stretch, but he claims that double overdrive is parasitic enough to cause a loss of 30-40 hp at the rear wheels. Running in a single overdrive may not be so drastic, but once you get into a double overdrive of the 13's or 18's, then the loss goes up considerably
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  9. How about some pictures of your new pride and joy?
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  12. Keep us ( or at least me) updated on fuel mileage, pulling power, etc. I am very interested and appreciate all the info so far. Lots of changes (mostly for the worse instead of better) where I work. The owner extended the truck trade-in schedule but I recently found out that when our trucks are to be traded in, the driver still gets to spec the new truck. I would like to order a glider like you did, except I might go for the Coronado instead of the Columbia.
  13. Hey bfry I haul containers where you haul out of?
  14. Copperhead I love this truck very nice wish you success with it
  15. Hey how are you? I haul out of Columbus, Ohio CSX, and N.S. I pick my trailers up at Tri-Modal usually. How are you doing hauling containers? and who do you drive for?
  16. thanks, guys. Yeah, it is a real nice color. I really was somewhat shocked. You never really know how things are going to look when all you have is a stack of spec sheets sitting in front of you. Now, the great test.... to see if how I spec'd out the guts on this truck will play out in the real world and get the performance and fuel mileage I am expecting. Sure will be a hard pill to swallow if I screwed up. On the other hand, if it proves to be the right combination of spec's, it will feel real good to be vindicated that all I put into spec'ing this truck will have payed off. I sure broke away from the norm in my spec's.

    freedhardwoods, I came pretty close to going with the Coronado. I guess what swayed me more towards the Columbia was the truck length, easier to maneuver in a tight situation with a 53' ft trailer on, and to a lesser extent, the aerodynamics are better. I still set the tanks back and ran dual stacks on this ride like would be the case on the Coronado, so I didn't give up much in spec'ing flexibility. The Coronado had nothing over the Columbia on how I could spec the guts on the truck. The Columbia doesn't really fit into what some would consider a "real" truck, but my primary focus was the truck as a tool to get a job done, then making it as functional/efficient and look as good as I could within those parameters.
  17. I work for Empire logistics out of utica ny, real

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