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  1. Getfit Tommy

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    Drugs, Pharma, Scripts, Driving under the influence, etc., etc., are more prevalent in the trucking industry than people realize.

    Random drug testing does NOTHING for someone who is determined to stay....."loaded"

    Nice name for an Apparel company, dontcha think? As if we don't get the irony to the words "Stay Loaded"

    This is why there are so many "gray areas" when it comes to truckers under the influence of physician prescribed meds...

    The FMCSA will reply time and time again: "The FMCSA does not address this issue"... if I have to find a link, I'll find far more than just one.

    Drug testing is just a big money game. "Safety" is being addressed in so many different ways now, and it's ALL in the name of the holy "dollar"

    Just like the ELD, if and when it is implemented, there WILL BE DRIVERS AND COMPANIES that find ways to skirt the "laws" ... just like always....

    People are always trying to control and change other people. What they don't realize is that people really don't change. Times may change, laws may change, but people? Nah..... never.

    If the "powers that be" really, truly wanted a "change" in people, society... the workplace, whatever, all in the name of "safety"... they could start by doing ONE simple thing: Ban Alcohol.

    Would it stop people from drinking? Hell NO!

    We would revert right back to excessive crime, moonshine and the prohibition period. PERIOD.

    The way I look at it, EVERYONE is on something... legit or not.

    What about me?

    I'm still looking.
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    That's why I like Live PD, it shows a microcosm of 80% of our society.
    That 80% want's to do what ever they want, has no regard for laws. Does not want to be told what to do even though they need to be. They have no regard for human life, or they would not text while driving, drive stoned, drunk, aggressive etc. Common sense gone, respect gone, stacking laws on top of laws is useless. The condition of mankind is and always has been rotten. You know the saying, "you can put lipstick on a pig, but it's still a pig"
    Society tries to parade around like everything in their life is ok. Everything is ok? that's why domestic violence way up, road rage way up, violent crime(use of a gun while comitting a crime) way up, narcotic use way up.
  3. Getfit Tommy

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    Amen to that. Can you imagine if that 80% didn't exist?

    Next thing... total anarchy?

    Even more ironic is the fact that of this percentage, another percentage of these folks are paid to uphold the law....:biglaugh::biglaugh:
  4. SaddleTramp

    SaddleTramp Well-Known Member

    A z
    No comprende?
  5. Getfit Tommy

    Getfit Tommy Highway Hero

    "That 80% want's to do what ever they want, has no regard for laws....."

    I dunno...

    I suppose it could be taken as slightly ambiguous..


    Nececito aprender a hablar espaƱol para que pueda entender este loco lugar lleno de quiere ser camioneros.... no se seguro.... green coat... I mean "gringo"....

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