DOT Physical...Some Changes Since Last Time

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    I just got my dot today and the doc was asking me questions. Told him I had just got my annual lab test and physical a couple months ago from my regular doc and the lab results was OK. Well; they was prior to her probing me... the lab showed no blood in stool prior to the finger wave..... He laughed and said they just came out with a publication that the finger wave is useless in detection of anything. I told him to make sure he calls my doc and relays the message.....
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    She probably knew.
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    I forgot the incident that happened..... The pretty little nurse that did all the prep stuff was getting ready to take my blood pressure. I did like I always do and held my arm up off the table so she could get the cuff on my arm. I set it down and rotated my knuckles down so she could get the stethoscope in place. I controlled my breathing and thought she was about to blow my arm up.... Then she released it and tore the cuff loose. I picked my hand up and pulled my arm back. I then felt something brush against the tips of two of my fingers... I thought surely I just didn't... surely I just did... I said "I'm sorry..." She laughed and with a big smile said "that's OK..." It was then that I had to take a quick peek to see if I did what I thought I just did... That is when I noticed she must have really moved forward when I pulled my arm away... She really had a big ole smile and was really friendly.. The whole time I was thinking she was thinking I am 50... I look 30 ,but I just told her I was 50 for the paperwork... probably thinking got some kind of pervert in here.... I forgot to tell my wife about this little incident.... View attachment 16547
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    Bad Tarps! No banana!

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