DOT Needs Drivers to Test New Safety Technology

Discussion in 'General Trucking Discussion' started by rinek, Jun 20, 2012.

  1. rinek

    rinek New Member

    Get Paid to Try Out the Accident Avoiding Semi of the Future

    The US DOT and leading manufactures are working to increase vehicle safety and would like to get truck drivers involved in evaluating a new technology. With vehicle-to-vehicle communication each car or truck anonymously transmits its direction and speed informing surrounding vehicles and helping prevent an accident.

    We are currently recruiting drivers to participate in our clinics, similar to a ride-and-drive, and give their opinions on the new technology. These clinics will be held in July in Ohio and August in California. Eligible drivers will be required to spend approximately 3 hours on-site between driving and discussing their experience.

    Participants will be paid for their time and given gas cards for travel.
    If anyone is interested in trying out this new technology visit our website at Connected Commercial Vehicles or post a comment and we will answer any questions you have. Additionally, if you have questions or are ready to sign up for a slot in the driver clinic please call 1-800-242-4118 and ask about the Driver Clinics.
  2. blackw900

    blackw900 Flatbedder For Life!

    Instead of teaching people how to drive correctly.

    No thanks....They can't even make a GPS work right and you want us to allow this techno garbage to take control of our vehicle?
  3. catalinaflyer

    catalinaflyer Well-Known Member

    I'm parked right next to a couple of canidates in a gold truck from Iowa. Maybe your system will keep them from wrecking everything in the parking lot like they did yesterday and even unhook the trailer for them since that extremely complicated task took the two of them over a half hour to figure out.

    Oh wait, all this tecno crap won't do a thing to help the seat fillers these companies are hiring, they could tear up an anvil with a rubber hammer.

    No thanks, I have my eyes to show me what the vehicles around me are doing and electronics are decades away from being able to process information as fast as most human brains.
  4. Buckboard

    Buckboard Well-Known Member

    So...I must be missing something but I tend to over think things. The GPS my company used to know where I am, which direction I'm headed and how fast I'm going is now available to someone in the immediate area. The guy behind or next to me? So he's busy reading what I'm doing instead of watching? Eyes, ears, brain, hands, feet is pretty much what he/she needs to concern themselves with. Some software designer looking for a quick $10 Million? And a guy in a truck is busy messing with this stuff? Plenty of windows and mirrors to keep a driver informed of what's going on around him. And besides...direction and speed is a pretty easy thing to figure out. Will this new smoke and mirrors in the name of safety tell me when the jerk in the Jeep Cherokee who's talking on the phone figures out he needs to cross three lanes of traffic...RIGHT NOW...because he's just about to miss his exit? Probably not.
  5. Racer X 69

    Racer X 69 Member

    The data isn't available to humans. It is communicated to the microprocessors in each vehicle. Then the microprocessor makes decisions based on the data it is receiving, and data it knows about the vehicle it is connected to, and does things like adjust the vehicle speed, and if needed, apply the brakes or maneuver the vehicle to avoid a collision.
  6. Racer X 69

    Racer X 69 Member

    I'd like to know what ever happened to the VORAD system. It kinda popped up suddenly, and then just as quickly it vanished.

    I actually drove a couple trucks fitted with it, and it was annoying. It would "alert" for things that weren't a collision risk, like passing a power pole or a mail box.

    And stop a little to close to the vehicle in front of you and the damn thing would go nuts. Stop in traffic and have someone pull up on your right, same thing.

    The last thing I want when I am trying to drive down the road is some annoying device squawking at me about **** that isn't a risk.
  7. Buckboard

    Buckboard Well-Known Member

    See...there ya go. I was missing something. I did know they're trying this system out for, "Joe the 4-Wheeler", but not big trucks. Wow! I used to make a joke about setting the 'Snooze Control' till my next fuel stop. Once they figure out a way to steer this thing for me I'll be all set. Won't even need a steering wheel before long. Maybe not even a CDL. The truck will start automatically at shift time and drive itself to the next drop and pick-up. We're just around (temporarily) to sign papers and to make sure the rig is in good working order. That glitch will be fixed soon too.
  8. midwestbound

    midwestbound Night Owl Supporter

    us xpress used that vorad system. THey also tried to replace the rightside mirror with a camera. But the darn things would stop working so you only could see a black screen inside the truck...what a joke.
  9. Duck

    Duck Quack Supporter

    I'm surprised none of you have read between the lines.

    "Surrounding vehicles".

    Like the police car that's hiding in the bushes a little ways down the road.

    No thanks.

    Y'all can keep your high-tech tattle-tale gizmos. I won't even drive a car with GM's Onstar system in it.
  10. blackw900

    blackw900 Flatbedder For Life!

    These systems are always sold to us as "Technology to make our lives easier" and ALWAYS wind up being turned against us somehow.
  11. Micabay

    Micabay Land Dweller

    So, tell me how you really feel about this.
  12. Duck

    Duck Quack Supporter

    GM's OnStar is nothing but a way for the government to track our movements, position & speed.

    I-Pass & EZ-Pass keep logs of what toll booths you use them in, and when. Theoretically they could use those time stamps to calculate your speed between the open transponder lanes on the Illinois tollways & send you a ticket in the mail. Not that they DO, but since they CAN, it's only a matter of time until they WILL.

    Pre-Pass was supposed to save us time by being able to bypass weigh stations, but they log the time when you pass a scale, even one that's closed, so they can use that data to find log violations. And if a particular state hasn't inspected any of your company's trucks lately, it tells the revenue hounds in the scale house that you're due, before you even get there.

    Some GPS units log your bread-crumb trail & rat you out if your log doesn't match it.

    Qualcomm was supposed to help the trucking industry by providing communication with dispatch, and helping dispatch plan your loads by knowing what trucks are in what area. But they don't allow for deletion of messages or it's location history, making it available for the revenue hounds to use against you, AND the company that pays for the service.

    All cell phones can be tracked even when they're turned off. If they want, they can confiscate your phone and bully your service provider into giving them your calling & texting history, then comparing the time stamps on calls & texts with your log book.
  13. Racer X 69

    Racer X 69 Member

    You're such a killjoy.
  14. Racer X 69

    Racer X 69 Member

    Actually the technology is being developed for all vehicles. And I think it is still a far way off from totally replacing drivers. This thing is strictly accident avoidance.

    Sure, Google has a car that is completely autonomous. It is registered in Nevada. A Prius. They are doing all kinds of testing with it, but there is still a driver there so that if the system fails then the human can take over so women, babies and children aren't maimed or killed.

    View attachment 17323
    View attachment 17323
  15. Racer X 69

    Racer X 69 Member

    And almost all cell phones have a QualComm chip in them.
  16. blackw900

    blackw900 Flatbedder For Life!

    Yes.....But I'm a killjoy with a superiority complex!

    Because I'm better than you..... :harumph:
  17. Duck

    Duck Quack Supporter

    No, he's right. In this case, it's the plain and simple truth that's the killjoy.

    All this new technology, in some way or another, will either transmit data that can be used against us, or will store the data in a way we can't delete it, so in the event of an accident, the lawyers get a hold of it and say "Oh look, ... for 15 minutes 4 hours before the accident, he was going 3 mph over the speed limit. If he had been going the speed limit earlier in the day, he'd have been 30 seconds behind schedule at the time of the accident, and regardless of the fact my client was drunk off his ass, the truck wouldn't have been there at that exact nanosecond and the accident wouldn't have happened. Therefore the blame lies with the driver and the trucking company. I'll take that 60 billion dollars all in tens and twenties, please".
  18. Buckboard

    Buckboard Well-Known Member

    Ok thanks. I just went outside and saw the sky isn't falling...folded up my umbrella and went back inside and popped the top on a Coors.
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  19. rigjockey

    rigjockey Token Canadian.

    Priorities, Regarding the potential of the sky falling, Pop the top of a Coors grab the umbrella and assess the situation.If it is falling I want it to land on me with beer in .
  20. Racer X 69

    Racer X 69 Member

    All vehicles are manufactured with a hidden black box recorder that will automatically record and save the last moments before an accident.

    The manufacturers will not admit to the existence of these devices, because the government that requires them also prohibits them from acknowledging their existence.

    They do the same thing as the aircraft flight data recorders. Provide forensic data to help crash investigators determine the cause of a serious crash.

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