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    Mom has a Yorkie that barks non stop when I go over there. He knows I let him outside when I go for a dart, But he doesn't want to wait. Now when I go over there I just let him outside right away and he settles down in regards to barking. He still wants me to pet him while I sit on the couch.

    We had a Shih Tzu back in the day. She was so quiet and sniggly but dumb as a bag of hammers. I mean this dog would walk into walls.

    The Yorkie is just clumsy but he is smart.
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    The Sassy One is helping a local non-profit, they take dogs from the pound and train them to be service dogs for vets with PTSD. The main guy put it in a way I'd not heard before: As the leader of the pack, you take ownership of everything away from the dogs. If it's yours, they don't have to worry about it, and can just chill out.

    It's amazing to see what he's done. Willy Nelson is a Husky/Aussie mix who was well known as an ass-kicker when he was a stray. He's fight anyone and anything, and when he was finally caught, he terrified the workers at the shelter. Willy is now almost ready for his new task, and is the most gentle and lovable critter you could imagine. It's hard to believe he's the same dog that had to be crated and isolated from people and dogs for the first few months they had him.

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    Watch out for that guy. He's definitely a commie. :eek:
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    Precisely ;) You'll hear Cesar say "Calm Submissive Attitude" they have to know you make the decisions. Where to go, who to bite, when to eat.........

    My pack will react when a threat is presented but all it takes is Crys or I stepping forward and they stand behind us waiting to see what to do. If we are not there they do what they think is best.

    Still working with my MIL. She has to use food to distract them when UPS, or Fed-Ex show up.
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    He DOES have a Bernie sticker on his car...:eek:
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