dentists are bloodsuckers

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  1. Blood

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    Shut up stupid!

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  2. Injun

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  3. rigjockey

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    Why wouldn't they use gold paint?:confused-96:
  4. Injun

    Injun Rabid Squaw Staff Member Supporter

    Because they didn't have any and they were going for the "Jaws" look

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  5. gearjammer

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    note to self STOP taking aspirin therapy BEFORE having teeth pulled
  6. Southern Fried

    Southern Fried Well-Known Member

    First off, I have full upper dentures, have had em for years and they fit perfect.... always have.

    Now, when I had lowers done down here a couple of years back.... nothing but problems. The "dentist" had to bring in another "doctor" that had a "licence to do anasthesia" (which he did not do, I was awake through it all). Anyways, at one point he starts grinding on my jawbone with what felt like a horse rasp. At the end of the procedure they start talking about how "difficult" it will be to fit the dentures and can't guarantee a good fit. Dummy asks "did you know someone broke your jaw at some point?".

    "Yes doc, I even know who and when. Same day I broke his left orbital socket and his right cheekbone. Helluva scrap" (this is true btw).
    Incidentally, George and I decided we best be friends before we killed each other.

    Doc smirks and says "I suppose I should 'see the other guy then' huh?".

    I stepped right close to him and very cold-like says "You'd play hell doing it. He's dead (he is). You should have seen how pale this a-h got all of a sudden. :D

    Anyways, still can't wear those dentures.
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  7. GAnthony

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    the fumes are not as intoxicating as silver.
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  8. Skateboard

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    So, what happened? Is it all done?
  9. dchawk81

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    You're not supposed to eat brass knuckles.
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  10. ironpony

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    They're crunchy...

  11. DrDaliah

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