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Discussion in 'Shipper and Receiver Reviews' started by mndriver, Apr 3, 2016.

  1. mndriver

    mndriver curmudgeon extraordinare

    I knew this was now going to be the load from hell.

    The broker issues will be addressed in its own thread most likely.

    Loaded in del Monte Galveston. I must say. It went rather smooth considering I don't have a twic card and it was at the port of Galveston.

    Flash forward to Sunday morning...

    Broker made it clear (sarcasm) to be here midnight 12:00 am Sunday morning. "That's when your appointment is for" (broker issues elsewhere.)

    Arrived at 12:10. Nobody home.

    12:15. First employee arrives. No hablo englas

    12:25 boss arrives. He seriously does NOT need coffee. To say this guy is high strung, he makes me cringe the stress he's putting on his heart.

    It'll be interesting to see how the day develops.
  2. AK7

    AK7 Well-Known Member

    Are ya empty yet?
  3. mndriver

    mndriver curmudgeon extraordinare

    Got empty around 3 actually. Was the 3rd truck for the shift.
  4. AK7

    AK7 Well-Known Member

    Good deal..
    Used to hate those loads where they tell you deliver Sunday and they unload Monday morning.

    And of course you can't get ahold of the brokers on the weekends .
  5. mndriver

    mndriver curmudgeon extraordinare

    Del Monte wasn't bad. I think it was just the start of his week. He showed up almost 1/2 late.

    The old boy parked next to me was out of his truck and in his face before the boss even had a chance to park his car.

    Damn did he want to make sure that everyone knew he was the second truck there.

    Jerk truckers like that set the mood for the day.

    He was asked to move. And didn't.
    Was in the bosses face the whole time.
    Telling others they were in his way and since he was there first, get out of it.

    He was more of an issue than del Monte was in all fairness
  6. mndriver

    mndriver curmudgeon extraordinare

    Loading at the port in Galveston was a bigger headache than unloading.

    But even that was directly related more to not having a twic card than Del Monte.
  7. ironpony

    ironpony Well-Known Member Supporter


    Why else wouldn't ya have a TWIC card?

  8. mndriver

    mndriver curmudgeon extraordinare

    I'm a good Jew and don't want to spend $150 for one.
  9. ironpony

    ironpony Well-Known Member Supporter

    That's what all the terrorists say...

    A good Jew would know its cheaper to pay the fee than keep paying escort ransom.
  10. Tazz

    Tazz Infidel Supporter

    Why pay either?
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  11. mndriver

    mndriver curmudgeon extraordinare

    I gave up my hazmat endorsement for much the same reason.

    All the bullshit requirements that the trip into the port proved to me it was created by some puke in an office out of touch with what happens in a port.

    I went through the same background BS for my passport as I did for my hazmat as they want for a twic.

    And each one goes to the same "secuirty clearing house" contractor and uses the same stupid picture.

    It's a bureaucratically created process for someone to feel good about themselves.

    I'll step away from that soap box now.
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  12. ironpony

    ironpony Well-Known Member Supporter

    Nah... you just don't want th' bureaucratic prig ta catch yer terrorist affiliations. Canuuckian Bacon, huh?

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  13. mndriver

    mndriver curmudgeon extraordinare

    If you go to the TSA website. This is what you see.

    Why aren't all three available in on document since you do the same process for each one?

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  14. ironpony

    ironpony Well-Known Member Supporter

    IMO, the TWIC fee is the toll for doing biz in these places. Its worth the decrease in hassle for the cost. OTOH, if I ever haul anything that remotely resembles hazmat ever again, I believe I'll just save the bother and shoot myself.
  15. mndriver

    mndriver curmudgeon extraordinare

    To me it just smells..

    "Papers please"......
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  16. ironpony

    ironpony Well-Known Member Supporter

    No doubt. A few more San Bernardino's, and we'll be there. You'll note how many truck drivers have been accused in any of these incidents... I'd be willing to bet the industry will be buffeted by the most intrusive of the coming police state repression.
  17. mndriver

    mndriver curmudgeon extraordinare

    20 years of putting on a uniform and to me, this is a smack in the face fighting for the freedoms we tried to preserve.
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  18. AK7

    AK7 Well-Known Member

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  19. ironpony

    ironpony Well-Known Member Supporter

    Yep. The sheeple will demand the repressive reaction, and the so-called political (and outside the beltway) leaders who never grew enough of a pair to sign up to defend our nation will gladly do away with the Constitution and Bill of Rights.
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  20. PackRatTDI

    PackRatTDI Well-Known Member

    I unloaded at the Silgan Container docks at Del Monte in Modesto, CA and reloaded scrap metal to return to Freeport-McMoran Copper and Gold in El Paso. Not too shabby to unload and reload and not have to move from the dock, lol.

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