Deal with Direct shippers NO MORE BROKERS

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  1. bmtrucking

    bmtrucking New Member

    Do you have any loads coming out of the Dallas/Fort Worth area going North West?
  2. sachin86

    sachin86 New Member

    I am a direct shipper and just looking to get started. We ship a lot of partials and full truckloads and we are just tired of dealing with brokers who charge us too much. I'm kind of confused on how to begin though. Do I need a broker's license or anything to become a direct shipper?

    We ship a load a week from NJ to Houston and a few loads a week from Houston to Chicago, Atlanta, and San Francisco.

    Can anyone assist on how we can actually get in touch directly with truckers so it's a win-win situation?
  3. CCCC

    CCCC New Member

    I just started doing that part of the business in my company. We have 34 trucks, flatbed company. If anybody is looking to cooperate directly or anybody has any info about this, please write, I would highly appreciate it. Thanks everyone!
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  4. godispatch365

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    CCCC what do you need help with?
  5. 10XService

    10XService New Member

    Directshipper1 i work for a quality family owned asset based company with over 112 trucks and 400 plus trailers. is there anyway we could discuss what lanes in the northeast you move and see if we can work together?

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