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Discussion in 'Kenworth' started by petek, Aug 8, 2017.

  1. petek

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    What is the best option on a refill for one of these? If you don' t know the model number of the unit? Is there one size fits all? Or more then you can haul in a cart that fits these? I know it needs one. AS you can see part of it in the picture the guy texted me. and fuel it to the top of the filter. I may just have to go by my buddy's shop tomorrow. Take one of each he thinks may fit. Then bring back the ones I don't use..
    In the picture it looks to be a wide type. So that may help out, but not sure. Guess I will have to wait until I get there. Then go find a filter and change it out. Nice thing is I have the pickup and my wife in it. So parts like that is not as bad.

    Also its on a 1996 KW with Detroit series 60.
  2. Mike

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  3. mndriver

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    I use strictly a wix 33651. And don't let them sell you the XE version either.

    NAPA # is 3651.

    They are both a 10 micron filter water separator..

    When I go to the ta/Petro for service, you gotta watch them or else they will install a fleetguard 25 micron filter on you.

    Donaldson pn P550457
    Fleetguard FS19727 10 micron.

    I do not recommend using any 5 micron. Your mileage suffers bad.
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  4. mndriver

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    My current filter. Installed during my in-frame. Bad fuel stop sent it to the top in a week running. Less than 2600 miles.

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    Granted, added expense, but what about 2 filters in parallel running 5 micron filters? It'd keep more crap out therefore less injector system wear...
  6. mndriver

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    Spec is 7 micron.

    5 micron is too restrictive.

    10 micron is acceptable and give adequate protection.
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  7. petek

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    Thanks guys, after blowing up the picture more. I see the fuel is at the bottom of the filter. Before I thought it was at the top. So will find the filter number tomorrow when I get to the truck. And If I buy it , pick up a extra filter. Truck has been sitting 7 months. So don't want to have filter issues on the trip home.
  8. Mike

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    If it's been sitting for several months like that, you might want carry 3-4 filters with you.
  9. mndriver

    mndriver curmudgeon extraordinare Staff Member Supporter

    Give it a flu shot....

    Pour this cocktail into each tank.

    80 oz bottle of diesel 911
    80 oz bottle of clear diesel
    16 oz bottle of kill'em biocide

    Fill the tank with diesel and let it sit overnight. Run it for about 30 minutes to circulate it will into the entire fuel system.

    I do that every fall. Have done it since December 2012 when I first bought my truck. November and December gave me so much trouble, I was using a filter per day until I did this.

    Since then, I regularly run my tanks down to use 200-210 gallons to fill up. At least once or twice a month.

    You can tell really quick when you pick up dirty fuel.

    This was after I shock treated my system in 2012. That's a 7 micron filter

    911 removes all the moisture.
    Clear diesel cleans the system
    Kill'em removes any organisms.

    Shine your light into the tanks. It should be nice and shiney. If it's dull/black, you need to shock clean the system.
  10. petek

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    Thanks will do that this week. TRying to figure out why in the world it has 4 150 gallon tanks on it? The back 2 have no fill necks? So they must just level out the fuel in the front tanks? It had fuel in it, but put in $150.oo after I got east of Dallas Friday am before daylight. And 600 miles later, still have lots of fuel.
    Ran 75 in Tx, 70 in Ar and 70 too 65 in Tn. No trailer just the truck, and guessing with what it burned. I had to get 8+ MPG easy. 2.93 gears, RT14710B trans and 11.1 DDEC 4 Detroit on 295/75R22.5 tires.

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