Daddy Will Be Home Soon - A truckers life, from a child's perspective

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    Launching his first children's book, professional truck driver, Tony Reynaga from Denton County has illustrated and written “Daddy Will Be Home Soon”.

    The story tells the life of the many truck drivers that travel our roads and highways from a child's perspective. Both entertaining and educational it is sure to keep children and adults alike entertained. “Daddy Will Be Home Soon” is sure to give you a new perspective when you see a big rig rolling down the road. Our truck drivers deliver medical supplies to our clinics and hospitals, gas for our cars, lumber to build our homes, food to our restaurants and supermarkets, the list can go on and on. Remember that they literally keep our country moving!

    For the past five years, Tony has made a living transporting food and produce across the country. He was inspired to write a children's book after being on the road and seeing a lot of our beautiful states and missing his family! He wanted to bring something home to his kids that showed what it was he did and saw while he was gone. “Daddy Will Be Home Soon” was then created in numerous hotel rooms and truck stops.

    Remember that everything we buy and produce in this great country, is brought to you by a truck.
    A Special Dedication, to every trucker out on the road, sacrificing time away from they families and loved ones. God Bless Thee American Trucker.

    Tony Reynaga

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  3. Mike

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    That was insightful!
  4. Mike

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    A copy of the book will be headed to my house on Monday, gonna check it out as soon as possible, and let the little ones at the house give their opinions on it as well. I get tons of emails where people do things involving trucking and usually ignore them,but for some reason this one really got my attention.
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    Many a time I can recall saying those same words to my Family when I'd be rushing out...:shift:
  6. Coach

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    The cell phone has certainly been a blessing for drivers. Now it is not so hard to stay connected. Years ago the pay phone once a week just didn't quite satisfy.
    Keep in touch with those you love.
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    Got the book, didn't get around to reading it until around Christmas. I was working on getting settled in the new house and my youngest was carrying the book around waiting for me to read it with her. That reminds me, I need to contact the author. Good book, I would recommend it to anyone with small children.
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    we have cell phones mobile internet for things like Skype yahoo messenger on and on. but it's not like being there!!
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