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Cutting Jobs

Discussion in 'CR England' started by Cerberus, Nov 25, 2008.

  1. I heard yesterday CR England is cutting out 120 solo drivers in december and forcing them to go teams or find another job. Wonder how many more they will cut in January.
  2. Not sure. Companies moving further toward teams might be their one way to survive this bad stretch of the economy.

    CR England did just expand the logistics side of their company last month with the addition of a 102,000 square foot office space in Utah, so they probably aren't in too much trouble. I think many companies may be planning on cutting back some drivers temporarily, or at the very least, freezing the hiring and letting the job cuts come naturally via turnover.
  3. heard it from Boots yesterday. she drives for them now. and that is what they told her at the orientation class.
  4. US Xpress is doing the same thing. All FL based drivers are being forced to do teams or lease. They just bought a bunch of new Internationals, Cascadias and Petes...so I'd hope they aren't in trouble. Although, I've heard they shut down our Colton, CA terminal...who knows, they don't tell drivers anything.

  5. looks like being teams and teams only is the trend coming around. sad.
  6. I think I was somewhere between Erie and Rochester (somewhere in the northeast ... I can't remember exactly), I saw an England truck pulling doubles. Pups, not the double 48's. Not sure what that's about . ARe they getting into foodservice?
  7. So many companies are letting drivers go or are going team but yet recruiters are aggressively seeking drivers every week.I don't get it.

  8. i am not sure but i do have a buddy who drives for them who could answer that. he is on the road right now and when he gets back he is going to sign up here and he can answer any england question. he is a trainer for them. if i find out before themn i will post the info he tells me.
  9. It's the turn-over percentage. You have those failing, which are already out on the road, due to the simple reason of inadequate training. Then there's the one's that simply can't, or won't, run team. The percentage of recruits that simply won't pass mustar. And then the basic f*** ups that shouldn't be out there in the first place.

    By aggressively pursueing recruitment ensures a big company will maintain an inflow of new recruits equivalent to, or more than, the outbound. And the reason you're seeing such heavy recruitment activities is because the big companies are having a problem maintaining that goal. If adequate training and pay was taken care of as it should be...there would be a lower turn-over rate. But that's not the mind-set of the corporate powers. Their greed outways their common sense.

  10. I am considering going to work for CR England, (not too sure now, given all the advice I've seen!). Has anyone heard anything about job cuts recently? (Apr '09). I am just starting out in the trucking field, I have my CDL, and about only 1 1/2 months driving experience w /Halliburton. Can anyone suggest any other companies that might be good to work for, that hire with little/no experience? Thanks for all the info!
  11. You might look into KLLM if you are wanting to pull a reefer trailer.
  12. CR England only wants you because they see another person who they can try to force that lease down their throat!!!!

  13. Stay where your at and get some real exp, at least a yr before thinking about leaving for another company.
  14. England is still recruiting lease ops and teams, but not company solo's.
  15. my story - failed housing business, advanced age, debt stayed the same as income dropped to nothing. Trucking was the only choice and England works. Great training program and three months later, I am driving a 2010 Freightliner Cascadia OTR. Paychecks run from $750 to $1,000 a week and are regular if you don't take time off for home. The first three months you need enough money to survive because you make very little. But the day you sign your lease, you get $400 from the company, a free week with no truck payment and a new career. I've been 7 months and I like it.
  16. What is your truck payment? And are you solo? How long are you locked into your lease? How do you like the Cascadia?
  17. Those drivers have an opportunity to also lease a truck for England.
  18. Are they still hiring. I drove for them in 94 and 95. I only left to spend time with my family (mom and dad getting old). I filled in an application to go back but have not heard from then in two weeks. Are they still hiring? I would love to drive solo for then again. They keeped me running hard back in the day.

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