Current Driver-Anyone needing ??? answered about SNBC, Schneider National Bulk Tanker

Discussion in 'Schneider National' started by Troy0024, Sep 6, 2011.

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    After expenses, I am grossing over $4K/month. With Swift. On mileage pay.

    At Prime, I was lucky to get one check for a little over $1K and then three for between $250 and $400.

    Racer brings up another good point. I can take my truck to whomever I want to for work. I make the appointment, tell Swift where it's going and Swift cuts the check for the mechanic out of my maintenance account. Prime dictated where and when I could take "my" truck for work. They would tell the mechanic what he or she was allowed to work on regardless of any other failures found. That's why I had to run on a cracked head for over a year and kept getting "water leaks" fixed at Prime's chosen shops. It's also why the additional problems caused by the cracked head were never addressed completely. And why I never could break 6mpg. And why that 515 was such a dog on hills.

    Truck was pretty and well kept. It just never ran right and I could not get it completely repaired due largely to Prime's interference.

    Swift does not do this. That's why I could take this truck to Cummins and get the root problem diagnosed and repaired in one sitting. It's also why I can take the truck to a friend's shop for whatever repairs aren't warranteed.

    RCINSOLO Well-Known Member

    Hey RacerX I wasn't referring to you every interaction I have ever had with you I have no negative thoughts about. When I asked a couple people about leasing and such and told them I had a bankruptcy I was basically told I failed in my personal finances what made me think I could manage them for a truck. Also think you misread racerx I am not making $3,000 a month I am making $6,000 - $8,000 a month.

    Injun I have talked to quite a few past prime drivers and they told me similar stories, but it always ends with glad they reorganized. We had a blown head gasket on our 2010 and freightliner repaired it no questions asked nothing out of my pocket. Now I don't know what solo is like with them and that I have no experience. I only run team I will not go solo so I don't doubt you got some crappy loads. So far we have gotten prettt good freight and its hit or miss when we get the $2.50 a mile freight but they do come along.

    RCINSOLO Well-Known Member

    We have an inverter (1500), APU, 32" tv, blu ray player, xbox360, getting refrigerator/freezer soon, 1000 watt 5.1 surround sound, all in on printer/copier/fax, in cab scanner to send off BOL, we are electronic log, we have both our dogs with us,
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    Sealion, sorry it took me so long to reply, been in the coal mines in WY/MT spotty phone, and seriously not a chance for internet. Anyhow I see you've gotten some advice from the other drivers on here and all seem to have good points from there points of view, "rubber ducky those load locks u sold me for my tanker rusted, i want a refund!! lol" as I just said I drive a tanker, I was a company driver 4 a 1-1/2yrs and just went O/O or IC the Schneider world in May 2012 and have done well (Mileage paid, no choice program in bulk due to empty miles for tank washes), 2800-3300mi a week. As for vans I do have some friends over there that are self dispatch or "Choice Program" in Schneider land and are doing well, BUT if you dump and run with CRE they will hunt you down like a dog (collection, liens, garnishments, bank liens) to recoupe there loses, most companies won't touch you if repo a lease. I say this bluntly to help you, no disrespect intended, but tough it out take your lumps and learn trucking, consider it an internship. To be self dispatched you need to know the markets in's and out's or the dead head miles will eat u up. Plus they way I understand the choice program, it's not about the miles it's about the pay per mile, u can get a good load in, but now you have to get your self out.
    I'am truly sorry you've had a hard time breaking into trucking and have and are learning the hard faxs quickly, but a few things to look at 1.Home time, be realisic, u have to stay out to get paid, 3-4wks out 3-5days home a month, if you live in a freight lane, u can slide thru for restarts at home," MY" opinion. 2.Fuel cost and trip planning save you big. 3.Build a HONEST relationship with your dispatcher, hard, YES! but do-able, if it sounds cotton candy and rainbows, there's a catch. If there giving up on the front end, there taking out it out of the back end (Example, were giving you a raise to a 1.05 a mile in bold print, but in the fine print were no longer paying you layovers or unload pay) see my point? Sorry if I'm not much help, but I think you should stick it out, if you leave the problem is not solved, it just gets harder. Good luck, "MY OPINION DRIVERS"
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  5. Racer X 69

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    Looks like I may have.

    So the two of you are getting $12,000 a month or so then?

    RCINSOLO Well-Known Member

    Troy excellent advice. I don't know if sealion has any additional trucking experience or if CRE is his first ever trucking job. Non the less excellent points.

    Racerx yes there are times when we make less not much do to extended time at home but on average the two of us after ALL is paid are taking home $12,000 a month.
  7. Hey Troy0024,

    GREAT post... I'm starting my CDL training in a week... Can't wait to get out on the open road. Was local back in the early 90's, and now have the opportunity. I'm taking it.
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    Where do you work, sounds like you gotta good deal over there. May wanna hire on there.
  9. Racer X 69

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    You wanna do flatbed?

    Send me a PM.

    I'll give you the details.
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  10. Sealion

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    I've been getting the same advice from lots of other drivers. I decided to really give it a try and stick with them for the 6 months that I contracted for. Now at 4 months then canned me for being behind on the payments because I don't run enough miles. The kicker is that I have been begging and pleading for more miles from day one. Then they strand me, my girlfriend, and our dogs 1200 miles from home when they take my truck.

    Hopefully I can recover from this and get back behind the wheel soon. Got a taste, and I liked it!!
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    Any Schneider still around? How's the company? Hullo?!
  12. jaiart

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    For the record, trying something that you have previously failed at isn't unwise. Look at Edison for example, he didn't stop trying to make a working light bulb just because he failed. Doing things the same way expecting different results is unwise. So if the op learned from his missteps and is determined to do things correct this time then bully for him. It takes courage and testicular fortitude to make it in this world. Live Strong!
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    Seven famous people who survived bankruptcy

    Seven famous people who survived bankruptcy -
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  14. Troy0024

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    Yep, still around and with SNBC. I see everybody is still playing nice..."chuckle"
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    Does anyone on here drive part time for schneider in the tanker division out of Houston, Texas? I was wondering what is the take home pay each week and where do you mostly run? I thank you.

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